11 Signs You Found The Jay Z To Your Beyoncé

A couple that slays together, stays together.


Hardly any celebrity relationship has had so many collabs, killer outfits and proven they are stronger together. It's been 12 years (!) since the Carters celebrated their intimate wedding in 2008. Bey and Jay Z influenced the contemporary Hip-Hop scene to its core, and we couldn’t imagine a world without the power couple. Their relationship sure had some up and downs but with every scandal, they prove to be more in love and inseparable. 

They are the definition of #goals: A never-ending career, beautiful children, hot fits. Here are 11 hints, your boo might be the Jay Z to your Beyoncé:

1. You keep it low and make sure you’re special before making it official

The Carters weren’t built in one day. In fact, they have been friends for almost two years before officially dating. Whoever is afraid of the mystical ‘friend zone’ can f*** off and keep swiping on Tinder. You want something that lasts? Start slow.

2. You appreciate each other's talents and share your passion

We all have that voice telling us, we might not be good enough. Do we need a choir of that? — Hell to the no! Your bb should see what you can and hype you up when you feel low. And even better than just hyping each other — creating together. Though being with someone who shares your dreams can be tough, it’s the only chance you can become a real power couple. No matter if your passions are not the exact same — find a way to bring them together.

3. You're pushing each other to do better

Being your best self is hard when you have a lazy ass person you have to pull through. You should both feel the need to always improve yourselves, your careers and taking that extra step. Having someone by your side who is also driven can help you overcome moments of self-doubt and fear of the unknown.

4. You're not afraid to express your doubts and feelings

As we all know it hasn’t always been ‘watermelon’ and ‘cigars on ice’ for the Carters. In ‘Lost One’ Jay-Z had expressed his concerns about their relationship and Bey’s love for her career. And famously she brought up her heartache and anger about him cheating ten years later in her album ‘Lemonade’. No relationship is perfect, but the key to making it work is simply communication.

5. You have a deep understanding that none else gets

What makes your person special is always different from relationship to relationship. But what is sure is that there needs to be an understanding of each other's needs, issues, and humor than none else could ever. It's like having that reality TV eye-camera-contact but with a real person!

6. You share the spotlight

The times of the woman being stuck in the kitchen with the kids are more than over. Still, you have to admit that you could read the mentality of pushing women behind their partner is everlasting, even though these guys are now (hopefully) damned to spend the rest of their lives on measly tinder dates. Your boo would be scared of sharing the spotlight or even letting you have it by yourself.

7. You are both able to focus on your self as much as on each other

While having a shared career is nice to have — you need time for yourself. You might be stronger together but you should be able to live on your own. When the doors close and it's just you by yourself, there should be no emptiness or waiting for the other one. Go on a holiday without your partner, have a project on your own, party, meditate and read alone. You’ll have more to talk about when not every conversation starts with ‘Remember when we…’.

8. But together you are stronger

While your ‘public appearances’ probably won’t be over the extent of a birthday party or your friend’s wedding — you should form a strong force. No matter if you have each other's back when telling white lies, checking your flies or just praise their accomplishments. And what would a power couple be without equally hot fits?

9. You get your styles and adjust to it


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You shouldn’t just be a union. Ideally, you look one too. You extra? Minimalist? Bold? Be it together and compliment each other's fits.

10. He hypes you up for IG pics he takes


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Don’t listen to the Reddit community sharing pics and videos of guys in ridiculous positions taking the perfect pic of their gf! In this day and age, there is hardly anything as romantic as a couple going out of their way to get that perfect angle and making their partner feel like the snack they are. And let’s be honest — is there anything better than the IG pic of Bey slaying while we see Jay’s concentrated face in the reflection of the elevator?

11. You share the same beliefs and morals


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Not only are they defining the charts and fashion together since over a decade —Beyoncé and Jay-Z are also known to push boundaries and hold a mirror in front of the still not perfect face of our pop culture. Let it be the emphasis they put voting throughout every election, costumes celebrating Black History for Halloween or songs like ‘Apeshit’, ’The Story of O.J.’, or the infamous ‘Beychella’ performance.


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