A Bold Move: Harry Styles Invests in the Steven Stokey-Daily Brand

Fashion's pinnacle with the Fall Collection 2024.


At the SS. Daily Fall/Winter collection showcase in Florence, Italy, held during Pitti Uomo, the 26-year-old designer unveiled a significant revelation: heartthrob Harry Styles had become an investor in the brand through 'Minority Strakes.'



Their connection traces back to 2020 when Stokey-Daley, fresh out of Westminster University, stood at the edge of the initial pandemic lockdown. Despite potential challenges, he earned praise for his clear interpretation of British school and sports styles, combining them with a unique, non-traditional touch. Upon returning to Liverpool, he took to Instagram to share his collection.

In just a few weeks, orders began pouring in from young men around the world, all traveling in similar lockdown situations, covering from the US to South Korea.



Stokey-Daley confirms that his relationship with Harry is purely 'organic'; it came from Harry approaching him as a fan of his work. This shared vision solidified their partnership, making them an ideal team.



Within SS Daily's collection, Stokey-Daley presented designs radiating British elegance and concepts of closeness. Noteworthy pieces included a wool and silk suit featuring a melton-fronted smoking jacket, coupled with a workwear trouser smoking jacket set cut from a silk jacquard woven with a heron etching in Sudbury.

For a complete view of his collection, explore the Instagram links above.


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