Billie Eilish Merch Makes Fans Outraged

Is $190 too expensive for a hoodie?


Billie Eilish has come under fire from fans over her new merch drop. The ‘Bad Guy’ singer dropped a 12-piece collection last Wednesday named “The World’s A Little Blurry”, to coincide with the release of her Apple TV documentary of the same name. 

Fans loved the designs but controversy arose when the pricing was questioned. The singer's line consists of high priced hoodies, shirts, socks and sweats; the most expensive item comes in at $190 for her rhinestone sweats. 

Twitter went wild with controversy with fans explaining their frustration. 

“when billie eilish said 'i'm too expensive' she meant 'my merch is too expensive,'" as one person wrote, while a second commenter added, "i love billie eilish as much as the next person but when i went to her merch store and say $120 for a hoodie w her name on it, i lost respect.” - @billianaoutsold

In her initial announcement on IG, Eilish made fans aware that the new merch pricing was higher due to her using sustainable materials. “Everything in this line (besides the socks) are made from organic fabrics!”

“All grown without pesticides which is better for the environment. everything is made in the USA (mostly in California) which supports our homegrown economy and saves on international shipping, meaning it's more sustainable," she said, before noting that the higher prices was "a big step in making my clothing more sustainable.”

Other fans made note of the timing of her release, questioning if releasing during the pandemic sent the right message. "so lemme get this straight, we're in the middle of a deadly pandemic, people are losing money, jobs, etc and billie eilish decides to sell merch for €150-250 when her fans are literally 10-25 years old.” - @PAINSHOPPING. 

The World’s A Little Blurry Collection is out now and available for purchase via her site


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