5 Biker Shorts You Need Now

These aren't for your soul cycle class.


Athleisure is not going away. Booty shorts are out and the newest thing to adorn your derriere this summer are biker shorts. Pair them with an oversized tee and a fanny pack to clinch your waist. Get a little daring and show off those summer abs you spent all winter perfecting in a crop, or take them to the office and try the clenched blazer on the biker short trend. Who said that padded bike shorts for long rides can never be fashionable? According to MyProScooter, the range of padded cycling shorts available on the market in 2020 can seem intimidating, and many of them are very similar in design. But with a bit of effort in searching, you are sure to find one that looks pretty and feels comfy

From the Kar-Jenners making this their uniform to Off-White and Tommy Hilfiger pushing these down the run way. You don't need a soul cycle lower body to rock these. It's time to invest in a pair or 6. We got you covered girl with our top picks!

Get your wallets ready, tell your bank you haven't been robbed and get shopping.


PrettyLittleThing Off Cream Cotton Stretch Biker Shorts 

Shop it here for $15


Ein Beitrag geteilt von King Bell (@siobhanbell) am

Urban Outfitters Christy Floral Bike Short 

Shop it here for $29


Ein Beitrag geteilt von stefneyv (@stefneyv) am

PrettyLittleThing Shape Nude Mesh Bike Shorts  

Shop it here for $18


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Caroll Lynn (@careaux) am

PrettyLittleThing Legging Shorts

Shop it here for $16


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PrettyLittleThing Basic Black Bike Shorts

Shop it here for $8

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