4 Make-Up Trends From The BLACKPINK’s Record-Breaking Video You Need For This Festival Season

Kill these looks.


The South Korean girl group BLACKPINK made headlines when they almost broke the internet with their new music video ‘Kill This Love’. In less than 62 hours they generated over 100 million views (!) and it won’t stop. But next to giving us a new earbug, the girls also gave us some new inspiration for what face we want to serve this season. With glass skin, natural lips and blush and not so natural glitter eyeliner we are definitely prepared to look nothing but killer for the festivals to come.

So here's our take on the already iconic looks from the four power houses:

1. Glass Skin

Nothing too new to you if you binge watch beauty tutorials on YouTube or happened to read our take on the 10 step Korean skincare routine. But basically, glass skin is a skin so fine and well moisturized it almost looks see-through. Of course, there are great videos about how to apply your makeup in the most un-cakey way but the main ingredient is still a healthy and balanced skin. How else would Rosé look so glowy with tears smudging her eyes? The Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser will leave you with a fresh, soft finish, while gently hydrating your skin.

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2. Natural Blush and Ombre Lips

The days when we carved ourselves a new bone structure with contouring are finally going away. Even though enhancing your features and making your face a little more defined never hurt nobody. But going with a more natural skin also means making you blush to look a little more unclockable. With a blush and lipstick you can make your makeup more cohesive and the creamy texture won’t sit on top of our peach fuzz but melt into your skin. With that said — we also officially ditched the matte lips trend. Why was that ever a thing, KYlLIE Jenner? Instead, our lips get that moistness they have been longing for. By using a creamy lipstick and your cheapest tool — your finger — you carefully dap it over your lip to create that natural ombre look like Jisoo in her water nymph scene. Get that two in one sensation with the Onomie Boosting Lip and Cheek stick.

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3. Glitter Eye Line

Nothing makes your eyes stand out more in the twinkle of the sunset in front of the festival stage than a full eyeliner with sparkly glitter speckles. Jennie showed us how to do it while serving a ponytail wip that would make Ariana eat her heart out. Customize your eyeliner by popping a liquid glitter eye shadow on top with a precision brush. We found the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea paired with the Arched Liner Brush by Smashbox a killer combo to give you that extraness you needed for an unforgettable festival experience.

Shop the glittery eyeshadow here for $24 and the brush here for $20.

4. All over the 90s

While we are trying to move forward and try to find new trends, it’s always great to look back on what used to be and channel it with today's resources. In her video solo, Lisa is featured as an ultra 90s R’n’B act with that big fur coat, the excessive jewelry, all the cereal boxes, and hella fake braids. But what stung out the most was probably her all around the eye black liner. Almost like a distant dream we remember smudging our mom’s Kayal 'round our eyes and here it is back again — making Lisa's lenses pop! Check out the Tarte sex kitten eyeliner for a soft but bold finish.

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