To Infinity And Beyond With Yayoi Kusama
 To Infinity And Beyond With Yayoi Kusama

To Infinity And Beyond With Yayoi Kusama

Enter the New York Botanical Gardens.


The New York Botanical Gardens have announced that the much anticipated Yayoi Kusama exhibition, will be opening in May. As you make your way through the garden you’ll find art work scattered throughout the 250 acres. Follow rows of trees wrapped in polka dot fabric, forming the path between instillations. Four pieces are being specially created for the show, which will be showcased alongside never before seen pieces from Kusama’s archive.


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There will be a new Infinity Room, titled Illusion Inside the Heart, which responds to changes in natural light. An obliteration greenhouse will also feature, in which visitors can stick fake flowers to the interior. Floral instillations will accompany Kusama’s work, forming a colorful backdrop to compliment pieces such as Dancing Pumpkin, a 16 foot sculpture. The garden’s horticulturists will also attempt to recreate Kusama’s painting Alone, Buried in A Flower Garden (2014), in flowers.

The exhibition will be open from May 9 - November 1, 2020. It’s definitely not one to miss.



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