Voo Store

Voo Store

Women's & Men's Concept Store

Between our Berlin location and web shop, Voo Store is a distinct space for progressive, thoughtful selections of clothing and footwear from around the globe. Voo Store is a culturally empowered, creatively driven concept space located in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg, occupying a charming 300 square meter courtyard space on the ground floor of a former locksmiths. The street on which the store sits continues to attribute itself to its unique and progressive approach to contemporary fashion.

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Voo Store
Women's & Men's Concept Store
located in:Berlin
founded in:2010
range:Footwear, Sweaters, Pants, Bags, Accessories
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Oranienstraße 24

Translating a personal vision of Berlin through a careful selection of local and international designers and products, Voo Store is an exploration in modern design, visual culture and the future of luxury retail. The store's seasonal presentations are supplemented by a backbone of carryover favourites and classics, with its in-house café, Companion Coffee, further complimenting Voo's retail experience serving a variety of specialty coffee, hand-sourced tea from its personal micro farms, as well as a selection of fresh-baked goods.

Markedly unique, Voo Store continues to set itself apart as a concept by ensuring its selection of innovative fashion, books, magazines and art become possessions for life and serve more the longevity within design as opposed to short-lived trends. Remaining cohesive across its physical store and online presence, Voo's foresight, inspirations and direction are loveably cared for by a dedicated, international team of creatives and industry professionals.

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