Sputnik 1985

Sputnik 1985

90s Post-Soviet Russia Streetwear

Founded by Sergei Pakhotin, the Moscow-based brand Sputnik 1985 is the essence of 90s post-soviet Russia streetwear.

Their simplistic approach offers graphic prints of unusual imagery, applied onto classic street threads.

quick facts
Sputnik 1985
90s Post-Soviet Russia Streetwear
located in:Moscow
founded in:2013
range:Sweaters, Pants, Bags, Accessories, Socks
visit shop:

Pokrovka Street 19
Moscow, 101000

Sputnik 1985 creates apparel ranging from Cyrillic slogan t shirts to grungy fanny packs and beanies. They consistently contribute to the 90s nostalgia hype, even before it became one of the most prominent influencing eras of today’s street-style.

Their slogans are often powerful and poetic, used as an artistic method to speak to the youths of Russia’s cities.

Sputnik 1985’s punk twist on the 90s epoch is exclusively high-end, bridging the gap between street athleisure and luxury. The brand is evidence of the ability to communicate and empower through fashion.

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