Streetwear & design objects
Shanghai Tofu

Shanghai Tofu

Streetwear & design objects

Founded in 2017 in the new streetwear scene Berlin, the Chinese pop-culture inspired brand Shanghai Tofu consists of non-seasonal designs and accessories. The brand proves, that gender ain’t set in stone no more and you can adapt both feminine and masculine designs in one.

quick facts
Shanghai Tofu
Streetwear & design objects
located in:Berlin
founded in:2017
range:Sweaters, Accessories

Their collection is made of minimalist hoodies and graphic tees and rounded up by classic berets in the signature Shanghai Tofu colors and ready to wear, tangely earings, which can also be added as an eye-catching detail on your beret. The recently added cellphone necklace leaves us with a wishlist full of items we didn’t know we needed.

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