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Sneaker & Streetwear store in Düsseldorf

The AFEW STORE, founded in 2008 – based in Düsseldorf, grew to an international well-known sneaker store. Our assortment of products grew from year to year. Besides classic sneakers we are also releasing limited and exclusive sneakers. Over the years we have collaborate and worked with big brands such as Nike, Adidas, ASICSTIGER, Diadora or KangaROOS. Besides the big projects, we also love to work with local partners like the Fortuna Düsseldorf, our favorite ramen restaurant Takumi or our friends from Kumanga. With every new event or project, we are pushing our boundaries to the max. This helped us to grow to the AFEW STORE we are today. After the whole years of business, the AFEW STORE is still a Family business, which owned by the two brothers Andy and Marco.

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Sneaker & Streetwear store in Düsseldorf
located in: Düsseldorf
founded in: 2008
shipping: Worldwide
range: Sweaters, Pants, Socks
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Afew Store
Oststraße 36
40211 Düsseldorf

Back in 2008, young Andy and Marco decided to open a sneaker store because of their big passion for basketball sneakers. With an initial small range of sneaker and DIY shelves, the two brothers started their family business and their adventure into the sneaker world. Since the beginning, the brothers wanted an extraordinary store. The customer should have a different shopping experience than where else. Till today the AFEW STORE didn’t lost its love to details. But before the sneaker store at the Oststraße 36 become the well known AFEW STORE, it was called “Schuh-You”. Smart marketing campaigns and guerilla marketing helped the store to grow day by day. The store started to become more popular due to its growing assortment and the stylish interior. Within a short time of period sneaker fans outside of Düsseldorf have heard of this fancy store, which look loke a living room.

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Sneakers, Streetwear
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