Kanye West Enlists Kim Kardashian Clones For YEEZY Campaign

Including Paris Hilton.


If you read our previous rant, you'll know how we feel about Kanye's paparazzi-inspired YEEZY Season 6 campaign. In short, it was a bit of a joke. The latest addition to the collection promo, however, is an altogether different kind of joke.

A select group of Kim Kardashian's celebrity and influencer friends have recreated the paparazzi shots, appearing as almost unintelligible Kim clones all over social media – platinum hair and all. And we have to give it to Kanye – or Kanye's team, more like – this move was actually clever, reflecting the army of Kim clones already out in force on Instagram.

Doing their best Kim impressions were Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods, former YEEZY Season 4 model Amina Blue, model and Jaden Smith's ex Sarah Snyder and more. But it was Paris Hilton's unexpected appearance that made the biggest splash – and laugh.

Remember those days when Kim Kardashian organized the OG it-girl's wardrobe? How about the times Paris claimed to be responsible for Kim's rise to fame, or worse, when she said Kim's ass looked like cellulite in a trash bag? Oh how the tables have turned.

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