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The Womanizer 2GO – We Test The Hot Vibrator You Can Take Anywhere

Dear readers: I beat my clit senseless for you and I have no regrets.


The past week I’ve been partly isolated in my bed testing sex toys of all colours, sizes, purposes and effects and I’m now ready to reveal for you, the fruit of my hard work. 

As a person who is very auto-sexually active and has survived the past 23 years (8 of them sexually active) with pure hand craft I gotta admit that I was a bit sceptical towards the idea of letting a mechanical device get me off. After the first 2 hours of masturbating though, (yes I went on for 2 hours, because I'm unemployed and also, you can do that with toys) I was convinced that my vulva had been blessed with technology. The purple-pink alien looking silicone pets are here to stay.

Excited to hear about my discoverings? Well, today I give you the biggest (pleasent) surprise of them all: The Womanizer 2GO!

Rating: 8/10

When I first saw the cute, pink 5 inch lipstick vibrator I gotta admit that I found it rather pathetic. You know; typically, the fun vibrators shaped as things you can find in a stereotypical lady-purse are the cheap shit vibrators that you laugh at at bachelorette parties. Despite the humoristic appearance of the lipstick vibrator, the design of it is sleek and expensive looking - it even comes in a box that looks like the iPhone one. 

Womanizer 2GO: $189

The concept of the Womanizer products is that instead of applying direct vibrant stimulation to the clit, you place the iZ speaker (the opening) around (cl)it, and a vibrating membrane inside the device is kind of pushing and pulling lil’ waves of air or whatever onto your clit. It's kind of pushing and sucking it, actually. I’ve tried a cheaper version with the same concept and it simply just couldn’t get me off – so naturally, I thought this one would be the same disappointment.

But I can now confirm that my previous assumption and distrust to the alternative vibrator is 100% disproved and I nothing less than loved it!

Honestly, damn! This vibrator is a winner and it’s winning on it’s lowest intensity level as well as on it’s most powerful; level 6. It just feels fucking right. It’s never let me down. It’s a damn clit conqueror! And yes it sounds over exited but it's true. You just place the beast down there and let the suction do its' thing. Not adding direct stimulation to the clit but an “all-round pampering” effect through “contactless stimulation of the clitoris”, makes it possible for you to go again and again since the head remains swollen but untouched – well that of course depends on how sensitive you are, but if you're treating yourself every day you can probably get freaky with it.

At last I have to mention how practical the Womanizer 2GO is:

  1. Easy to clean! You can remove the silicone tip when cleaning it!
  2. It comes with a USB charger, so you never have to buy new batteries when the party’s been going on for too many hours. It only takes 120 minutes for it to fully charge.
  3. It has a built in off-function that automatically turns it off after 30 minutes to avoid over heating.
  4. Despite the plastic handle the Womanizer 2GO is waterproof and is a perfect fit for the shower or bathtub.
  5. It's a silent warrior and won't wake up your housemates. Only you have to be quiet.

All in all: a sexual success for a horny woman! The lady sensation comes in black, green and white and retails for $189 – worth every penny. If mine broke today, my life would never be the same.

Stay tuned for the next review! 

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