Why Your Confidence Levels Have Taken A Hit Recently

Find out why.


If your confidence has been knocked then it is important you find out why. You can’t live your life lacking in self-esteem and confidence, this can quickly escalate to other mental health issues. There can be many reasons as to why your confidence has taken a hit, take a look at the article below to find out. 

Bad Hair Day

If you constantly feel as though you are having a bad hair day then it might be time to think how you can change it up a bit. It may be time to hit the hair salon for a change, if you now have long hair then you might change it into a bob. A great hair stylist will be able to take a look at you and instantly know what will suit you. You might even want to be bold and get an all-over colour on your hair. 

Out With The Old

If you are opening your wardrobe at the start of each day and despairing at having to choose something to wear then it may be time for some new clothes. At some point, everyone will have trouble with the clothes they own and need to buy new ones, so you are not alone in this. It can be fixed by simply going shopping and investing in some new items of clothing. It may be some new work clothes or casual clothes, maybe even both. If you don’t know what to buy or what will look nice then you might find it helpful to speak with one of the sales assistants. 

Toxic People 

Something else to think about as to why your confidence levels have taken a hit is due to toxic people in your life. Obviously, it can sometimes be tricky to spot the toxic people in your life as they hide it so well. They say things and do things that you think are your fault and will never own up to their mistakes. They will drag you down to their level, and belittle you until you have no confidence or self-esteem left. Getting rid of these people from your life will make you feel instantly better about yourself. 

Career Choices

Finally, if you are feeling down and head into work each day lacking confidence then it may be time for a career change. Being in the wrong job can create numerous issues with yourself and your colleagues. You might not think you can do this job anymore so you are getting projects and tasks wrong. Once you find a job you want to do then you will be much happier and your confidence will grow from strength to strength. 

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some reasons why you may be struggling with your confidence levels. Remember, if left unresolved it can lead to more serious mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. If you feel your confidence stems from deeper-rooted problems then it may be worthwhile speaking to a professional.