Why You Should Make Sure You Take Time For Yourself

Self care is how you take your power back.


Now that everyone’s been asked to remain at home for the foreseeable future, the self-care movement is set to enjoy a little bit of a renaissance. We’re all going to have quite a lot of time on our hands, and we’ll be spending it largely in our own company. If we’re to retain our sanity, then it’s vital that this time is spent wisely.

Given these circumstances, it’s worth revisiting the fundamentals of self-care, and seeing exactly how you might treat yourself to some self-care.


#1 Make a plan for the day

The power of a rigid schedule is difficult to underestimate. Given that most of us aren’t now traveling outside the house for work purposes, the days might begin to blend into one another. At the same time, the hours of the day might do the same thing. Why start work at 9 when you can wait until 9:30? What difference is there between Tuesday and Sunday, anyway?

Scheduling is important, not only from a productivity perspective but from a mental health one, too. Establish a routine and try to stick to it as rigidly as possible. Don’t be overambitious, and make time throughout the day for small moments of contemplation and self-care.


#2 Don’t neglect Sleep

If there’s one activity that you can’t afford to neglect, it’s sleep. A lack of quality sleep will pervade every waking moment. It’ll result in difficulty concentrating, and high amounts of worry and stress. Try to go to bed at a fixed time every day, and limit your screen-time just before you turn out the lights.


#3 Meditate

Focusing on the present moment can be enormously difficult, especially given the number of things there are to be stressful at the moment. It’s difficult to exaggerate the benefits of meditation in this respect. There are dozens of fantastic apps designed to help us to stay in control of the contents of our minds.


#4 Exercise

If you don’t keep up a regimen of exercise, then you’ll find that other parts of your life and general well-being begin to suffer. While the opportunities for exercise might be limited, the internet provides plenty of solutions. You might take up a course in yoga, or at the very least invest in a skipping rope.


#5 Treat Yourself

Self-care needn’t mean constant self-punishment. While we could all do with exercising some self-control, living an ascetic life is probably overkill. The occasional chocolate treat is a great way to reward yourself for a spell of productivity – but you can substitute any incentive you like! 


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