3 Steps To Peace Of Mind In The Midst Of A Pandemic

Tips from a psychotherapist on coping with panic.


We’ve all been there, the crushing tightness of the chest, the quickening of the breath, the sudden lack of moisture in your mouth- the unmistakable feeling of dread brought on in a time of panic. 

And it feels like panic has perhaps never been rifer than right now, as we find ourselves in the midst of a growing pandemic. Yet long before (and after) the Covid-19 outbreak, panic is something which none of us are immune to and affects us all at some point.

Psychotherapist, Shonda Moralis, recently shared her advice on how to combat panic in just 3 steps, which is more important than ever for us all to remember.  

#1 Notice

Reducing panic levels starts simply with noticing. Moralis advises closing the eyes and taking a mental journey across the body. Starting at your feet simply notice the sensations in your body, some of these may be uncomfortable, but acknowledging these is the first step to relieving them. 

#2 Allow

The second step is to allow. Despite all your natural reactions telling you to resist your current situation, one of the most powerful things you can do is simply accept it. This is particularly useful in circumstances where you have little control. Take right now for example- with global governments attempting to manage the Corona Virus outbreak, it can be easy for us to feel powerless. But, accepting our lack of control will ultimately help us to overcome our panic. 

#3 And Breathe

No, not like you already are doing- that’s only making things worse. Replace your shallow, irregular breaths with deep, nourishing inhalations. Fill up the belly with each inhales and empties it as you exhale. Concentrate on doing this and as your mind naturally drifts, pull it back to focusing solely on your breathing. Continue to do so as you ride out your wave of panic. 

They may seem simple, but these steps can be powerful tools in a time of panic. Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been the easiest so far, so in a time when we all need to be a bit gentler on ourselves, these 3 actions could be just the thing to make us all feel a Lil' better.


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