Why We Should Be More Like Jacqueline Carlyle From The Bold Type

Let's be real, female bosses are the best.


The Bold Type offers a glimpse into the busy lives of empowering women during professional office hours and cheeky personal after-dark hours. An authentic portrayal of female friendship and female leadership is complemented by a fresh angle tackling contemporary issues, all headed by girl boss, Jacqueline Carlyle. To be honest it's without a doubt worth watching the show for Jacqueline alone; an iconic, passionately fierce and inspiring woman who is totally refreshing in comparison to her predecessors like the unforgiving Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada. The Bold Type quickly became the show we didn’t know we needed. From career lessons to legit life lessons, this romcom-career driven drama showcases the beautiful ups and downs that following your dreams entails. 

We should definitely be more like Jacqueline Carlyle, and here is why…

1. She Empowers Those Around Her 

Guiding others to take different perspectives and encouraging varying opinions, Jacqueline creates a safe, optimistic working environment for her staff, especially women. Forming a relationship of harmony with those around her, this girl boss is a mentor we all need, whether you know it or not. Her words of wisdom are indispensable, uplifting down moments and transforming them into success. 

Quote: “Don’t say “I’m sorry” when you have nothing to apologize for."


2. She Is A Boss Woman 

She is, if you like, the bold type. She is not afraid to go after what she wants. Jacqueline Carlyle is a woman you want to work for and be, all at the same time. Trying to emulate such a powerful woman is challenging and can be, threatening, however, Jacqueline coaches the women around her towards greatness, taking them under her wing and imparting her intelligent insight. She is firm but fair and determined but poised.

Quote: “You didn’t fail me. You just failed. Sometimes, you’re just going to fail. That’s what it means to be a professional.”


3. She Is Passionate About Her Work

Jacqueline’s drive and energy for Scarlet magazine are transparent and it truly inspires those around her. Unapologetically relishing her role and career, Jacqueline stays true to herself and to the magazine and it indefinitely gets her places. 

Quote: “If you can’t do it with feeling, don’t.”


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