Why Everybody Needs a Wet Brush

Detangling, styling, and maintaining your hair has never been easier.


As we live our daily lives, we do various things that can cause tangled hair. For many of us, being able to manage our hair without it taking too much time is important since we don't want to be spending hours detangling our hair. 

The Wet Brush is an amazing hair tool that should be part of everyone's hair routine. A variety of brushes are available to choose from that are soft and flexible, making them very gentle on hair. They can be used both in the shower and when styling hair. As our hair is most delicate when wet, we should use a gentle brush to avoid any damage.

These are the Wet Brushes we think everyone should have:


Wet Brush Original Detangler Brush 

Detangling hair without tearing or damaging it is a serious issue and the Original Detangler Brush is set out to solve it. The IntelliFlex bristles of this brush effortlessly run through hair, detangling wet or dry hair without pulling or tugging causing minimal damage.

Shop here for $7.78.


Wet Brush Hair Brush Shower Detangler 

This brush has ultra-soft Intelliflex Bristles that minimize pain and protects against breakage and split ends.

Shop here for $8.49.


Wet Brush Hair Brush Go Green Detangler

Made from an all-natural biodegradable plant starch this brush contains watermelon oil causing a shine boost with every brush stroke.

Shop here for $9.83.


Wet Brush Speed Dry Detangler 

The vented design of this brush speeds up the drying process. Its flexible bristles allow it to blow-dry hair safely and it is suitable for all hair types.

Shop here for $9.82.

The Wet Brushes are available to purchase on Amazon, Kohl's, Walmart, Target and Ulta


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