Why Do Over Half Of Women Keep Their Toys A Secret?

When they could be enjoying them with a partner!


The online sex toy retailer, Too Timid, has been doing some research for womankind.  And it has brought up some surprising statistics. 

54% of women hide their sex toys from their partner! That’s more than half! 

Why would you ever want to hide something so good from your partner? – Especially when it would just make the bedroom a better place for both of you. 

This research said that often women said they were embarrassed and wouldn’t want their partner to know they had it. But even more shocking – some said their partners didn’t like them because they felt threatened by them! 

It’s hard not to pity a guy who feels threatened by a plastic vibrator; unaware of the amazing things he could do with it to make his partner more satisfied. But the real victims here are the women, who often can’t orgasm from straight forward, in-and-out, sex and feel like they can’t speak up about spicing things up. 

The idea that men can talk about their sexuality all day long, while women must pretend to be innocent virgins is medieval, we all know that ladies like sex too – so why beat around the bush! 

Too Timid did release some advice with their research, saying that women should start honest conversations and explain that toys are not replacements – they are additions for both parties to enjoy. Communication and understanding are important; of course, you need to make sure you both feel comfortable. But it’s also important to go get yours! 


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