Why Do Influencers Keep Getting Away With This Stuff?

Lets add Nikita Dragun to the cancelled list and be done with it.


We’re all for women supporting women but what happens when a woman goes against what you stand for? Feminism is about equality and that’s exactly what we want equality. However, it would appear that some celebrities are above the law.

Nikita Dragun is an American YouTuber and influencer who is well known for pushing boundaries. But not in a good way. Her latest was a huge 25th birthday party. This will have been her 3rd mass gathering since the beginning of COVID-19. She isn’t the only one to break the rules by having a get-together, however, Nikita seems to be going OTT regardless of the pandemic.

That’s not all she’s been in the limelight for. In a recent Instagram situation, Nikita has been called “predator” on Twitter. This comes after she befriends a newly 18-year-old after commenting on his Instagram photo, “u 18 now right ? …asking for a friend”. After he attended her birthday party, the two have made sexually explicit TikTok’s that have since been taken down. 

These incidences might not sound too dramatic to some people, but when you add up all of her previous insensitive stunts, should she be #cancelled? If you have forgotten what she’s been up to over the years, let us remind you.

Since 2017 (and probably before too), on multiple occasions she has been called out for Blackfishing. Box braids, using an overly dark fake tan and tweeting “what race is nikita gonna be today ?” What’s worse she thinks everything she is doing is in support of the Black women in her life. Despite many people calling her out for being offensive and inconsiderate.

Not to mention the constant lying. For example, stating her ‘boyfriend’ cheated, only for it to later come out, he was a hired model, not her boyfriend. The constant fighting with other influencers and putting other creators down. Disrespecting others religion and beliefs. Using her own heritage to justify her racist behavior. Having mould in her beauty products

If there is something horrible and selfish you can do, you best believe Nikita Dragun has done it. Check out Def Noodles YouTube series that goes into extreme detail of why she should be #cancelled!

“Every once in a while a person comes along who exploits the negative emotions a human being can have for their own profit and in movies, they’re known as villains in real life they’re known as influencers” - Def Noodles 2020.

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