Why Being Single In Your Early 20s Doesn’t Suck…

...that much.


Everyone seems to be moving in different directions these days. The people I went to High School with are either married, living their best life in college or have just disappeared off the face of the earth. The transition into my twenties is definitely weird to say the least, probably because I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing with my life at this point. In particular, my love life has been a shamble for as long as I can remember. From trying to make it work with ex’s, finding creeps online – the list goes on. I’ve only now come to realise that that the only reason I think being single sucks is because I pay too much attention to those around me and what’s happening in their life, instead of focusing on my own. Here’s a few reasons why it isn’t as bad as it might seem.  

You have all the time in the world – for yourself.

It’s annoying as f*ck when people in relationships tell you they rather be single because you can “get to know yourself better” – I know, I heard it way too many times… but it’s annoyingly true. Being single I’ve genuinely found out a lot about myself – what my goals in life are or where I see myself in five years’ time. Or what things I do and don’t enjoy doing, and who with.  

You get to spend more time with friends (you’ll have plenty of time for this lol!).

I have to admit, it does tend to get lonely here and there and you might contemplate your self-worth late and night when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed liking pictures of random couples (or not) but this is the best time to really spend time with your friends – or even make new ones.  

You can travel… solo?

Solo traveling is something I still need to do. I’ve heard amazing things, especially from a cousin of mine who recently toured around Europe, going to every bar and club she could possibly find. Although it would be fun with a partner or even friends, solo traveling can really just help you grow spiritually and clear your mind about any problems that you’ve behind at home.  

Get your game on.

This is the time you can really just casually date without anything having to be serious. I don’t understand why some people think everything has to be long term? Although that’s ideally what most people want in the future, I think casual dating is something everyone needs to do at least for a short period of their life.  

You learn to be alone.

This isn’t as depressing as it sounds – I just mean that I know a lot of people who are always in relationships that when it eventually breaks off, they have no idea how to continue their days without someone always texting them or taking them out. So, in a way, being single forces you to find how you can entertain yourself– whether that’s by going out with friends, work people, casual things if you know what I mean… my point is that you won’t sit around like a miserable idiot feeling sorry for yourself and wondering why you’re not in a relationship.  

All in its time.

I know it’s cheesy, and cliché but you also need to remember that everything happens in its own time, so whether you have it, it takes you two weeks or two years – you’ll eventually find yourself in the place you need to be. Whether that’s with someone or not. So, you might as well just go with the flow and see where life ends up taking you. Just do you, boo. 


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