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Why Are We Donating To Kylie Jenner's GoFundMe Billionaire Quest?

When Social Media pranks go bad.


Kylie Jenner was announced as on track to be the youngest self-made Billionaire by Forbes.

She only has $900 million dollars.

With a title like that Forbes understood how controversial that claim is, the claim of "Self-Made" and an association with the Kardashian - Jenner Brand raises a questionable eyebrow or two. Kylie is a business woman with a huge cosmetics empire that she created after the controversy surrounding her lips, which should not have been a public issue or part of any discussion. Taking a page from the SpinDoctor herself Kris Jenner, Kylie took a bad situation and profited from it, because there is no such thing as bad press. 

While the claim to be self-made outraged some and didn't incite mass protest rallies by others, it did spark up the interest of comedian Josh Ostrovsky who goes by The Fat Jew,  who thought a nasty prank at the expense of the people would not only add to the controversy but may get him a name in the spotlight. 


Shared 12,000 times and racking up $2,000 in less than 4 days, a hell of a lot of people it would seem. People and businesses are taking to the page by donating $5-$10 and leaving Instagram handles, websites and even a knife company promoting their FLASH SALE and 'Like Us On Facebook'. See Ostrovsky planned this out as a joke, but he also didn't stop to think that there are real people out there with social media related obsessions that would see this as a way to get fame or to help out a 'hero'. 

See Social media related mental health issues are real. A staggering 210 Million people are estimated to suffer from social media addictions and mental health related problems. According to The Cygnus Donor Survey in 2012, donors are more likely to donate to causes where they see results. So take for example one of the $5 Kylie donators gets a few follows from donating, would they donate more? Science says yes! So it's $5 this time but could be up wards of $300 next time. Further to this, as GoFundMe donations are public, people would be more inclined to give more as the hype continues as a form of 'look how rich I am'. In all honesty in this day and age, no one can afford to just be throwing money around. 

This whole incident does pose a huge question thou. Why has GoFundMe not taken this down? This money will never go to Kylie and this is absurd! What does Ostrovsky plan to do with the money he "raised"? 

Obviously people have taken to Twitter and cited their concerns. Kylie has not made any comments. 

If you have a spare fiver why not donate to a real cause? Like paying for lawyers for children who have been separated from their families due to Trumps ICE policies. Children as young as 5 are being made to sit in court rooms and plead to a judge in a language they don't speak and in legal proceedings lawyers themselves don't understand.