Who Are Arsenal’s Best Players In Premier League History?

The stars who lifted Arsenal into becoming a serial winning club.


Arsenal is known as one of the top football clubs in England. They have consistently been in the first tier of English football for the longest time, especially during the Premier League era. They have had some amazing players during their Prem history who deserve to be highlighted.

If a footballer is playing for Arsenal, they should expect that they will be held to a high standard. That should be obvious if you know your English football history considering that Arsenal is part of the top 6 alongside the two Manchester clubs, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. Since Arsenal is part of a prestigious group, their players have to meet a certain standard.

Thankfully, there are some players who can truly be considered all-time greats for both the club and the Premier League. Since the Prem was established in 1992, Arsenal has had its fair share of awesome players. The stellar performances they displayed attracted a lot of brands for Arsenal sponsorship. Now, let’s list the stars who lifted Arsenal into becoming a serial winning club.

Patrick Vieira (1996-2005)

Arsenal is well known for the players’ hard-nosed playstyle over the years. This was especially true for the first decade of former manager, Arsene Wenger’s long tenure with Arsenal. He had his signature style of quick football and his main man in the midfield during this time was Patrick Vieira.

The French midfielder is one of the best to ever play in his position because he was a complete player. He was a powerful midfielder who loved to bump bodies with his opponents. His tenacity and aggression set him apart from many midfielders during his era because he controlled the game on both ends of the pitch.

He was an excellent defender for his position as he helped the defense with his precise tackles. This got the offense started as he steals the ball in the right spots and then he makes good passes to his other midfielders and/or the forwards. He is one of the best players Arsenal has ever had and that is reflected in his reputation as a club legend.

Tony Adams (1983-2002)

While the Prem only started in 1992, Tony Adams had been a stalwart for the club since his time as a youth player in 1980. He moved up the ranks and got his shot in 1983 and he never relinquished his spot in the Arsenal ranks. He would stay with the team until 2002 when he retired.

Adams was a stellar defender who always knew how to be physical but also smart. He was not the best of dribblers but he constantly worked on that skill and he became a good ball carrier in Wenger’s system. Adams was also the standard for leadership in Arsenal as he helped the club set a winning culture.

Dennis Bergkamp (1995-2006)

As one of the most naturally talented footballers of all time, it should be a given that Dennis Bergkamp is a top Arsenal player. He is known for being one of the best offensive players in Arsenal history.

He had amazing dribble moves for every situation and he worked well with any striker paired with him. Wenger always knew he had a reliable star with Bergkamp on his team but thankfully, he was paired with the next man on this list.

Thierry Henry (1999-2007)

Considered by the majority of Arsenal fans as the club’s best-ever player, Thierry Henry deserves all of the recognition that he receives. He was downright amazing during his career with the Gunners as he proved that he can carry his team to victory during games. He was a phenomenal striker and he always stepped up to the plate when the team needed a superstar.

If you look at any of the Arsenal sponsorship deals in the past few decades, you can see that these players are always recognized as the names that help establish the club’s reputation. Hopefully, Arsenal’s future will continue to flourish with new stars on the horizon.

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