Your Guide To The Best Non Dairy Milks

We walk you down the non-dairy isle and make sense of the difference between almond, coconut, rice and soy milk.


From your morning smoothie to your daily cappuccino, whether you're lactose-intolerant or vegan, we'€™ve got the skinny on the best non-dairy for you.


Know thy self: Are you going dairy-free to beat the bloat and bypass lactose intolerance? A newly baptised vegan, unsure about the endless options? Or simply looking to slim down?
Your health goals are the starting point when it comes to picking non-dairy milk with a punch – so lets walk through the nutrition, taste & top tips for all the non-dairies.


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Per cup (unsweetened): 30 calories

If you're aiming to slim down, this is your pick – increasingly popular, almond milk is a low calorie dairy alternative. With lower calories than traditional cows milk, almond milk is also lower in protein, so it's not always the best go-to for vegans trying to up their protein intake. Calcium concerns?
Check whether you're buying a brand thats fortified with calcium.

Taste: Smooth and silky, deliciously neutral and slightly nutty.

Best for: Making smoothies on a detox cleanse to keep your calories in check.

Top tip: While it's good for you, it's bad for the planet! The large amounts of water used to produce almond milk might make you rethink your seemingly green-conscious purchase. Go kind on the earth and make your own almond milk at home.


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Per cup: 45 calories

Not to be confused with canned coconut milk, the carton variety is a great dairy alternative for those with a sweet tooth. Lower in protein, lower in calcium, and high in saturated fats (those are the bad ones guys) this is low on our list if you're looking for a nutritious dairy match.

Taste: Might not be nutritious, but hot-damn, is it delicious. Sweet and coconut flavoured, it’s a top pick for flavour.

Best for: Desserts & anything you want to sweeten up.



Per cup (unsweetened): 90 calories

High in carbs, sugar AND calories – which is a list of pretty much all the bad guys – rice milk is a bit
confusing. Like, why? It's also low in protein in comparison to other dairy-free milk alternatives,
making rice milk an often cheaper, but nutritionally weak option.

Taste: Slightly gritty, due to possible rice remnants.

Best for: With no dairy, no soy and no nuts, this is the option for those with major allergies.



Per cup (unsweetened): 80 calories

Your Starbucks soy-milk latte holds its own next to traditional milk when it comes to protein and calcium, making it the top pick for vegans trying to hit their protein and calcium goals.

Taste: A neutral flavour that some might find beany when consumed alone.

Best for: Your daily coffee order

Top tip: Soybeans are one of the most genetically modified foods, so if you’re piling your shopping basket
with soy milk, look for organic, non-gmo brands.



– Always, always, opt for unsweetened, plain versions. Vanilla flavoured & sweetened varieties can be packed with sugar and additives.

– Check the ingredient list. Words you can't pronounce? Ditch it.