What Is Going On With These IKEA Pride Sofas?

The internet can’t stop laughing.


We’ve just wrapped up Pride month, which means as July comes in like a lamb, corporations’ loudly performative LGBTQ+ support has gone out like a lion. One of the loudest lion roars? IKEA’s “love seats.” These sofas are modeled after the different Pride flags, including the pansexual, transgender, bisexual, asexual, lesbian, non-binary, genderfluid, and progress flags.

The “love seats” concept is cute, and we don’t hate the idea behind it when it’s coming from a popular furniture company, but some of these designs are… questionable. And, one in particular has the internet laughing and, frankly, a little scared.


While the execution is nightmare-fodder chic, the inspiration is from a spoken word poem that addresses a perspective that’s often overlooked. The poet, himself, now calls himself “bikea couch guy” on Twitter. 

As the first company to feature a same sex couple in a TV commercial in the US back in 1994, IKEA has been doing things right before it was “cool” for corporations to be loud and proud about Pride. We love a company that cares about representation, and in all fairness, some of the sofas are actually pretty awesome. (Can we build a whole room around that trans flag sofa with the clouds and rainbow???) That said, we’ll be avoiding the arms of our sofas in hopes they don’t come to life all the way until next June.

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