What Does Conscious Beauty Mean, And Why Does It Matter?

Conscious beauty is the journey to self-love.


More and more people are practising self-care in times of Corona. It is in this time that we actually pay attention to ourselves. There is less noise from the outside, and more awareness on providing for one’s mental health, wellness and balance.

When lockdown times hit every country in every part of the world, we had to break it down into simplicity. Beauty routines meant looking after your skin and after your hair - going back to the basics, and simplifying self-care. We became more conscious of our actual needs. In beauty, we need our skin to breathe, be nourished and hydrated. Color trends for cosmetic applications play a less important role right now. Instead, we are looking into natural ingredients that let us shine naturally, and that are sourced fairly. We are all beautiful in different ways, and there is a reason why we all look different - wouldn’t it be boring otherwise? This is why the trend on conscious beauty is here to stay.

We asked our customers: What is Conscious Beauty for you? Here are some of their answers:

Conscious beauty is being conscious not only to your skin and body as a temple, but also to your environment and our planet.

Conscious beauty is being confidently beautiful inside and out.

For me, conscious beauty means using sustainable products and paying attention to what ingredients are inside the products I buy.

Conscious beauty is natural beauty and a few but good products.

Conscious beauty for me is to choose my everyday products with ingredients that I like and which do me good.

Conscious beauty to me comes from the inside.

Why is consciousness in beauty important? When we accept and embrace the fact that we all want to look good, conscious beauty is about recognizing our own, real beauty. The concept emphasises individuality and awareness. It is a decision to not compare ourselves with others, to embrace our flaws and the flaws of others. It connects self-care to our mind by being conscious about the process itself. What works best for not only me, but the environment? You are making sure that the products you are using are truly good for yourself, and that the brand aligns with your values, e.g. by providing community projects, producing cruelty-free (that should be a given!), paying fair wages to manufacturers, finding innovative ways of environmental friendly packaging… Consciousness in beauty means awareness of the products, exploring ingredients and brands. When you truly practice self-care, consciousness is a part of it.

For me, the journey of conscious beauty is the most beautiful one we’ve ever been on.

About the author: Demee Koch is the founder of the Swiss beauty brand DE MOI. She is on the Board of Advisory for the boxing sports brand SPARBAR. Demee was voted Global FWN100 2019 Most Influential Filipina in the World.

Top image by Jennifer Enujiugha 


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