Welcome To The Wonder Gallery

Take an official look at Disney x Givenchy’s first capsule.


Disney X Givenchy have finally released their collaboration, dubbed ‘the wonder gallery’. This high end collab is one which is definitely above the usual prices we would usually pay for Disney themed clothing, but what would you expect when they work alongside Givenchy?


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This is a collaboration both teams were eager to cooperate with, with Matthew Williams himself stating that ‘It is a true honor to bring out two iconic brands together for this project’. And it has even already been announced that the two will be reuniting for a second release later this summer.

As we speculated the capsule consists of hoodies and tees which are branded with Disney-themed silhouettes. On the hoodies and tees there are a range of different Disney characters from some of their most iconic work, including: Oswald the lucky rabbit, Perdita and Pongo from 101 dalmatians, Elsa and Olaf from Frozen and Bambi from of course Bambi. The unique and recognizable shapes are displayed alongside Givenchy’s quintessential 4G and padlock branding.


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This collection definitely has a piece suited for every individual no matter what generation of Disney it is they have experienced, even if it was way back to the very beginning with Oswald the lucky rabbit. However, as inclusive as this collection may seem you definitely will need…well… quite a bit of money in order to afford it. This capsule is priced from $520 to $600. I guess we could not have expected any less with Givenchy, but it is a bit pricey for what it is. But then again who are we to judge? It is extremely good quality and imagine the Instagrammable pictures you would be able to get in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom! That’s all that matters right?


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For now however we may have to be sticking to classic Disney clothing until we have the money to afford this collection. 

The collection is available to browse or purchase here if the wonder collection has got your hands 'wonder'ing into your wallet. 

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