The Collaboration We Dreamed Of But Never Expected: Givenchy X Disney

Givenchy and Disney have teased their limited-edition collaboration.


Yes, you have read that correctly. Givenchy are in fact collaborating with Disney for a ‘limited edition capsule collection of ready to wear’ expected to include a range of items featuring graphics of the two iconic brands. 

I guess Walt Disney’s saying ‘when you wish upon a star your dreams will all come true’ is true given the fact we definitely have been wishing upon many a star for this collaboration. Not only have do we have one of the world’s most famous brands we also have the internationally renowned and beloved entertainment company. Honestly, could things get any better? This iconic collaboration is sure to go down in history, just as I am sure our bank balances will go down as soon as it is released. 


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Matthew Williams, Givenchy’s designer, announced this collaboration. For those of you that follow Williams on Instagram it will come as no surprise that the designer is a huge fan of Disney, with him regularly taking his children on trips to Disney Land. Hey, we would all be lying if we were to say we wouldn’t do the same if we had the time and money. So, him working alongside the entertainment company is clearly something which is very close to his heart. The impact Disney undeniably has had on many of us is something anyone who has even briefly experienced the Disney magic would want to be a part of. 

There have been 4 short teaser videos released of the collection. These feature characters such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (who was featured in original Disney short films), Bambi, 101 Dalmatians and Frozen 2. It is clear this collection is sure to appeal to everyone, no matter which generation of Disney you have experienced. The teaser videos effortlessly integrate the two brands magic and elegance. Have a look at the teasers down here.


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The Disney X Givenchy collab will be launching in select locations and Givenchy’s web store on May 17, quite a while after the collection was first announced. But hey, as The Fairy Godmother said, ‘even miracles take a little time’.

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