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We Asked Shoppers To Tell Us Their Worst Experiences With Pretty Little Thing, And It’s Not Cute

PLT, we love you. But please, this ain’t it.


If you haven’t heard of PLT by now, then sis, what’s going on? The multi-million dollar UK-based fashion retailer has been killin’ it for a minute now, blessing us with up to date pieces, low prices (fast fashion, we know, but that’s an article for another day), and a fuck load of insane celeb collabs, including Saweetie, Kourtney K, Teyana Taylor, Hailey Baldwin, and Ashley Graham. The latest statistics show that the brand is making a massive annual revenue of around £856.9m, with a pre-tax profit of around £60m… so why are our butts showing through the skirts? 

It’s no secret that PLT has had their fair share of backlash in the past (including some cultural appropriation accusations over their collection with Little Mix), but items constantly seem to be either hit or miss, and this isn’t what we mean when we say range. Whether it’s poor sizing, poor quality, or something else entirely, if you regularly shop at PLT, you’ve most likely returned many of your purchases for reasons that are kinda unacceptable. We asked a few PLT customers to give us the raw, uncut juice on their worst ever experience with the brand, and it’s madness. 

“Imagine accidentally buying the same dress twice in the same size but one is way too big and the other fits like a glove. Imagine buying a high neck dress for it to come and not be high neck. Satin two-piece or ill-fitting tissue paper?” - Hannah, 21

Honestly, what’s going on here? The same dress in the same size but not the same size? STOP IT! 

“Their white clothing is seriously see-through. And as for the shape range, all the dresses are the same, there is no difference in shape at all. It’s no different to a normal dress, they have just branded it differently.” – Morgan, 21 

Marketing garms as tailored to a certain body shape when the dimensions are exactly the same as the original range is basically daylight robbery. Don’t let them capitalize on your curves, b. 

“I bought a neon pink/fuschia zebra long sleeve top from them, then after I washed it, the sleeves were ¾.” – Andrea, 20

Washing machine mishaps can often be fixable, or even work out for the best. But this one… nah. Sorry for your loss…

“I purchased a pair of straight leg jeans, only to find that the zip broke as I tried them on, so I sent them back. A couple of months later, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and I re-ordered the same jeans, but once again the zip broke. Pretty please tell me the point in selling jeans that don’t stay zipped for more than 30 seconds?” – Ella, 21

Again, the quality just doesn’t seem like a priority. It’s already hard enough to find jeans in a perfect fit, but for them to not even stay done up? Stop trying to take our coin for poorly made products please and thank you. 

“I opened my lingerie set and noticed the knickers had something black at the top. I looked closer and it was a small pubic hair stuck inside, despite having a hygiene strip. Never ordering from there again, all they did was apologize and not even bother to give any sort of voucher or anything as a gesture of goodwill. They’re a joke!!” - Anon

This one!!! This ain’t it, chief. We don’t even know what to say about this one. This definitely called for at least a grand’s worth of discount codes. But to not even offer anything? Not even a “sorry”? See you in court.  

“After student finance dropped, I decided to do a HAUL. Out of 15ish items, I only kept 2. After opening the plastic the clothes were in, there was a stench. It was nauseating and I wondered where tf the clothes were made and how many other people had tried them on. Some of the items were stained, and others broke when I tried them on. The sizing is a mess and needs to be addressed, it can be so detrimental to vulnerable people. I was a size 12 on top and a 12/14 on the bottom, PLT sizing meant I ended up getting tops in 12/14 and bottoms ranging from a 12-18.” – Amirah, 21  

We all know the smell mentioned here. That fishy plastic-y smell. PLT, no one wants to smell like that, you know. And how hard is it to get sizing right? Inaccurate sizing can be massively triggering and leads into many wider issues that you don’t expect a brand advocating for female empowerment to perpetuate. Why make clothes that have the potential to kick-start insecurities, body dysmorphia etc. We could honestly go on all day about this…

So PLT, with all this in mind, please do better. Don’t get it twisted, we love you very much. How could we not? But we’re trying to serve heat, not hot trash. 


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