4 Ways to Use Tantra to Enhance Your Sex Life

The tantric arts are open for anyone to try.


Highly mysterious and deeply spiritual, tantra is misunderstood by many. One might assume that the tales of hour-long orgasms and other surreal experiences are myths, or only reserved for shamanic tantric masters, but the tantric arts are open for anyone to try.

While tantric sex might not be as simple as jumping into bed and trying out every position under the sun, hoping that you conjure in a life-changing sexual experience, there are a few ways you can make use of the tantric arts to give your sex life a boost.

What Are the Tantric Arts?

Tantrism is an ancient practice derived from Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. The goal of the tantra is to “weave together” the body and spirit, connecting you to “the divine”. Creating an internal connection between your physical and spiritual self can have a powerful and profound effect, so how can you start using tantra and how can it benefit your sex life?

How to Use Tantra to Enhance Your Sex Life

There are many ways you can start practising tantra to revitalise and rejuvenate your bedroom antics. Some practices are best performed alone, while others are more appropriate when others are involved. Whichever methods you choose, you’re bound to enhance your sexual experiences with the help of the tantric arts.

  1. Tantric Yoga

Both your body and mind must work in harmony to engage with the incredible sense of connection that the tantric arts have to offer. An ideal way to practice uniting your physical and spiritual senses is through tantric yoga. 

According to Healthline, “tantric yoga weaves together many yogic and meditative practices to help you get a deep understanding of yourself so that you can accept that self”. Not only will tantric yoga help you to learn more about yourself on an intrinsic level, but it’ll also help you become more supple and agile, allowing you to perform more exciting positions in bed. Since it’s a widely recognised form of exercise, it’ll also increase your physical fitness, meaning you’ll be able to perform sex for longer, increasing your capacity for intimacy.

  1. Tantric Meditation

Practising meditation aims to align your mind with your body and spirit, allowing you to be more present in your life and making it more likely that you’ll want to engage in sexual experiences as a result. Being undistracted and completely aware of the present during and after the meditation can facilitate deeper connections within yourself.

Meditating can help you tune-in and “listen” to your internal dialogue without judgement, which can go a long way in reducing stress and anxiety. Adding a tantric dimension to this quiet practice can elevate your senses beyond what you’d usually be able to feel, taking you higher than ever before. 

  1. Tantric Massage

A tantric massage can make an enticing and erotic form of foreplay, bringing you and your partner closer together by incorporating touch and engaging your other senses. You can create a highly erotic atmosphere by working with the space you’ve got, no matter what room you’re in. Lighting candles, burning essential oils, using ambient lighting, and even some soothing music can make a tantric massage a sensual prelude to more intimate escapades. 

Not only is a tantric massage the perfect way to spoil your partner and give them a highly pleasurable experience, but it’s also an ideal way to put your minds and bodies at ease by soothing your senses — after all, it’s hard to be intimate if you aren’t comfortable. Removing muscle knots and reducing tension can also help keep you supple so that you’re freer to explore different sex positions as part of tantric sex.

  1. Tantric Sex

Although it’s arguably the most passionate way to improve your intimate lives, it’s also the hardest to perform. Tantric sex can allow you both to explore new and fun positions, helping you both discover more about yourselves and each other, but it also focuses on creating a deeper connection with your partner that isn’t merely about inventive ways to be intimate.

Before practising tantric sex, it’s beneficial to have a pre-existing closeness with your partner to help you form the physical and spiritual bond more effectively. Working on the other tantric practices beforehand will help you both establish an intimate relationship with tantrism and each other.

Can Tantra Benefit My Sex Life?

Whether you’re seeking new pleasures in the bedroom, or you’re aiming to get a deeper connection with yourself or your partner, the tantric arts can help facilitate immense feelings of oneness. Each practice can be undertaken by anyone of any age and isn’t discriminatory in any way; anyone can access the huge wealth of benefits tantrism has to offer. If you’re thinking about ways to enhance your sex life, why not give the tantric arts a try — you might be in for an overwhelming experience.