Vivienne Westwood Debuts New Sun Eyewear Collection
Vivienne Westwood Debuts New Sun Eyewear Collection
Vivienne Westwood Debuts New Sun Eyewear Collection

Vivienne Westwood Debuts New Sun Eyewear Collection

Westwood’s latest “Sun” collection plays with asymmetry and proportion.


Vivienne Westwood’s ‘Sun’ collection looks back at the origins of traditional wooden eyewear and the timeless styles inspired by Hollywood stars. 

Andreas Kronthaler, the brand’s creative director, elaborates on the experimental designs behind the ‘Sun’ collection. The designs combine the perfect balance between ‘60s Italian glamour and sporty-chic frames. “Sunglasses should be the embodiments of personal theatre. They can make any look – they are an extension of your style. Of course, they have a purpose, but they should be fun, playful, joyous” quoted on Instagram. 

The eyewear frames are divided into three categories: Vanguard, Essence, and Prêt-à-Porter. Vanguard, features an androgynous avant-garde style; Essence, compromises classical silhouettes with signature Westwood details; and Prêt-à-Porter holds inspiration from retro-futuristic silhouettes worn by Hollywood celebrities.

The eyewear was crafted using bio-based acetate and hardwearing metals. Maintaining sustainability was an emphasized part of curating the collection – the products are packaged in a recycled leather case, polyester cloth, and organic cotton bag.

The ‘Sun’ collection is now available for purchase online. The collection can also be found at Vivienne Westwood boutiques in Los Angeles and New York.

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