Videos for Recruitment | How and Why

Humans respond better to the combination of sound, images, and motion.


Videos are truly engaging and can be deployed for myriads of purposes. One of such is the recruitment process. Using video in your employee recruitment journey is no longer a competitive tool but a necessity. 

That time will come when your startup will need to expand your human resource. At this point, you need to deploy every available tool of tech video production to attract the best talent out there.

Humans respond better to the combination of sound, images, and motion since we can process it better. 

In this piece, we will be exploring the idea behind why and how we can use videos for recruitment. 

Why Should You Use Videos For Recruitment? 

1. Boost The Presence of Your Brand in Search Engines

Using videos as part of your recruitment process could benefit your SEO efforts. According to data, videos can increase organic traffic by at least 157%. 

Google loves videos, and placing them on your brand's career page will rank higher than before. 

2. Reach More Talents

This is the major idea behind why any company should deploy videos for recruitment, The more candidates that are aware of your job posting, the better. Just like Google loves videos, people also prefer videos. 

By adding videos to your job postings, you will likely experience about a 1500% increase in response to your job post. 

3. Improve Applicant's Experience

A video can be a powerful tool to convince potential talents about your brand. You will be easily selling your employee value proposition to your candidates. 

This is why you are seeing more brands use videos in their recruitment process. 

4. Save Time and Money

Another reason brands use videos for recruitment is to maximize the resources deployed for recruitment. You will be attracting more applicants within a shorter time frame, cutting out the recruitment period. 

With videos, you will not have to spend a lot of money promoting your job openings on traditional and social media. Videos easily generate traction for itself with minimal effort.

How to Use Videos For Recruitment

Having discussed the reasons why your brand should be using videos in your recruitment process, here's a simple guide on how to use videos for recruitment; 

  • Use Videos To Showcase Your Brand

Every brand has a career page, and there's no better place to start than that page. There's a chance that applicants will start the recruitment journey right from the career page. 

You should deploy videos on this page to help them learn about your brand and what it looks like working there. 

On the career page, you should be intentional about showcasing employee testimonials and your company culture and providing a visual insight into what it looks like on a regular day. 

  • Embed Videos Into Your Job Posting

There's no better way to communicate your expectations to potential employees than a video. You can even use a video to explain the role and the job description. 

With a video, you can capture what it will look like working in that role on a day-to-day basis. You will be showcasing the responsibilities and the working environment. 

These videos will create a vivid image in the mind of the right talent. With a knowledge of what they will be doing, the best candidates suitable for that role will likely apply. 

  • Use Videos In The Employee Communication

How best can you communicate the company's expectations to the applicants than via a link to a video in an email. This can be a message from the CEO welcoming them on board or a piece that explains the next step in the recruitment process. 

You are the one pitching to potential employees, and a video is the best way to get the best talents that understand the brand culture, goals, and expectations.  

Final Thoughts

Videos are here to stay in the recruitment process. This is evident with the number of brands adopting videos for recruitment, unlike in years past. This is the competitive advantage you'll have over other brands in attracting the right talents. 

If you have not, it's time to revamp your recruitment process. The candidates will appreciate you for helping them decide faster on joining your brand.