You Can Now Show Off Your Bare Butt With Vetement's Newest Jeans

The cheekiest denim yet.


Just when it seemed like 2017 couldn’t get more consumed with booty, Vetements brought the cultural obsession to an almost comical level. Yes, Vetements has finally out-Vetement-ed itself for its latest creation... Enter: bare butt jeans. In case you were wondering, this denim piece is exactly what it sounds like— jeans that expose your bare booty or whatever cute underwear you have on underneath.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von VETEMENTS (@vetements_official) am


On Wednesday, the French fashion brand shared a sneak peek of its upcoming Vetements x Levis collab via Instagram with a pic of some pretty questionable-looking jeans. The #VetementsxLevis denim not only features zippers down the backs of the legs, but also a zipper right smack down the center of the butt, which we can only imagine would leave the wearer with quite a nice breeze when left unzipped. 

They may not be the most practical pair of jeans on the market, but this booty-highlighting look certainly does make a statement. Though some Instagram commenters feel that “fashion has gone too far” with the bare butt jeans, the response to the picture is a lot more positive than you might expect, with many users declaring “WANT” or “NEED.” Could this be a sign bare booties will be the next outlandish trend to dominate the fashion world? We’re not sure, but just in case, we’re starting a squat routine ASAP… You can never be too prepared.