Taking The Cheese Out Of V-Day

What to do with your S.O on Valentines day that doesn't involve cheesy hearts and flowers. 


Even if you’re loved up on Valentine’s day, you might hate the idea of forcing yourself to be soppy when it’s really not your style. Don’t feel like you have to conform, traditionally Valentine’s day might be all hearts and flowers but, like your relationship, you can make it as unique as you like. Here’s three ways you can have an alternative Valentine’s Day this year.

Staying in is the new going out

The daily grind can have more of an impact on your relationship than you might realize. Even if you live together, fitting in some quality time with your S.O can be difficult between work schedules and rushing around dinner before heading for a workout. Take this night to really spend some dedicated time together. Turn off your phone, the T.V and the laptop and do something that actually requires talking to each other. Draw a bath for two and sip on some champagne while you talk about your day, your aspirations and even your fears. Afterwards, give your lover a massage before slipping into something less comfortable and getting down. 

Book an escape game

All the rage these days, escape games are popping up all over the world, ranging in difficulty and themes. You can choose a bone chillingly scary one based on popular horror movies such as saw where you begin blind folded and handcuffed, or a less traumatizing theme such as the cold war or Alice in Wonderland. The idea behind the escape game is you have 60 minutes to exit the room(s) and complete the mission. Not only are these games exhilarating and mind boggling but they force you to work together, playing to each of your strengths. Play together or with another couple but do book in advance as they are often booked up quickly!

Explore the city and pay it forward

Make a whole day of your alternative Valentine’s by exploring your city and doing all the touristy things you’ve both never done before. Take an open air bus tour, visit the local museums and sample some local cuisine. Don’t be afraid to take cute coupley photos all day and once you’re done, head to your local homeless shelter, animal sanctuary or nursing home and pay it forward with your time. Not everybody is lucky enough to have somebody to spend Valentine’s day with, be they elderly, homeless or a furry bundle, so give a little back and you might even learn something about your partner in the process.