Using Art To Promote Love Not War

Highlighting an inspirational woman trying to make better communities


Haleema Ali is an amazing woman. 

In a world full of hate and anger, she finds the light to help those who need it most in a truly creative way. As a political and social activist, she uses art to spread awareness of issues affecting communities all around the UK.

So far, Haleema has put on two exhibitions. A Life In Chains which highlights human rights, and 22 Seconds To Murder which explores knife crime. Both have tackled social issues by providing knowledge in more accessible ways. Although put on hold due to the pandemic, we spoke to Haleema about her upcoming project, Postcode Love, Not War

We asked what inspired her to do this project.

“The idea is to tackle the notion of postcode wars and gangs, by promoting "postcode love"! I wanted to touch on a serious topic but by turning it on its head, so we have a positive message instead.”

Media outlets such as Vice have made mini-documarties, showing first-hand how postcodes create a divide between young people, causing gangs and rivalry, espeically in London. But Haleema sees it as an opportunity to promote love. Not only will the project be creative but also interactive with school children. Children who one day may be at risk of joining the postcode wars. 

“There's so much negativity in the media about young people, so I wanted to do something that moves away from the stereotypes and shows something good.”

It is inspiring to see a woman using her skills and passions to address issues often only spoken about in a negative light.

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