How To Support Your Favorite Social Justice Causes

Make an impact than to show your support.


If you are feeling passionate about a cause, there is no better way to make an impact than to show your support. Whether you are on a budget or just want to add your voice, there are several ways you can support and help out your favorite cause. Here are some ideas.

Use Social Media

If you have a large enough following on social media, you could use your platform to let people know about the things you stand for and the causes you support. If your brand has a social media presence, about 70% of people expect you to take a stand on something important.

When doing this, remember to be authentic, celebrate advocates of similar causes, take steps to ensure meaningful change if the issue affects your industry, and be accountable for these issues in your community.


Social activism is expensive because there is so much that needs to be done to get the message across. Donating remains one of the best ways to support these activities and ensure your favorite social justice causes receive the attention they deserve.

To get started, choose a foundation or course that is looking for donations. Do your homework to ensure they are legitimate because, sadly, there are some scammy causes and foundations out there.

Next, find out how they accept their donations. Some of them accept money, some just need you to volunteer and donate your time, and some of them accept bitcoin. The first two are straightforward, but if you are in Canada and the cause or foundation accepts bitcoin, you can buy bitcoin Canada and donate that way. There are lots of exchanges to help you do this.

Sign a Petition

It is now easier than ever to start a petition to show your support for a cause. Online petitions are easy to sign and take very little time. You can also share them on social media to bring broader attention to the issues the petition is about.

Launch a Fundraiser

In some cases, the money donated to a cause is not enough. To help keep the cause going, you can launch a fundraiser. Because it might be hard to reach everyone physically, launching an online fundraiser is a very good way to get people to give.

When asking people to give, don’t forget to tell them about the cause, why you started the fundraiser, what the goals of the cause and the fundraiser are, and the deadline.

Organise a Drive

A drive is a good way to get people to rally around a cause and can have a big impact. You could organise a food, clothing, toy, or even blood drive to bring people together. Don’t forget to tell people about the cause the drive is supporting.

Supporting your favorite causes does not have to be about money. There are other ways to reach people and make them aware of what is going on. No matter how you choose to support your favorite cause, don’t forget to let people know why you are doing it and what the cause stands for if you want them on your side.