Urbanears Unveils Zinken: The Iconic Headphones Return with a Fresh Beat

Elevate your sound experience.


Urbanears is set to make waves in November 2023 with the highly anticipated return of their iconic Zinken headphones. Originally introduced in 2012, the Zinken is making a comeback with significant upgrades, including enhanced sound quality, increased durability, and an eco-friendly touch with recycled plastic components.

Designed for the DJ culture and those who love dancing on the edge, the Zinken boasts a comfortable on-ear construction that effectively blocks out external noise. With reinforced metal hinges, it's not just for the club scene but also an everyday companion.

One standout feature is the reversible TurnCable, eliminating the need for adapters and ensuring a seamless connection to the mixer without latency or hiccups. The Zinken's innovation extends to its sound quality, achieved through a physical tuning process in collaboration with international DJs. The result is a clear audio experience even in the loudest club environments.

Since its debut, the Zinken has earned respect in the DJ community, endorsed by legendary DJs like Sven Väth, who considers them indispensable companions on his DJ journey. To celebrate the comeback, Urbanears has partnered with the global music platform NTS for a November campaign featuring interviews with powerhouse DJs Marcel Dettmann, Moxie, and Fauzia. These DJs share insights into their inspirations, creative processes, and how the Zinken headphones are more than tools – they're extensions of their artistic expressions.

The collaboration with NTS has drawn praise from Sean McAuliffe, CEO of NTS, emphasizing the excitement of working on a story about such an iconic headphone. The Zinken's return promises to be a significant event in the music world, with a campaign that delves into the lives of renowned DJs and showcases the headphones' role in their creative journeys. With a beat you won't want to miss, we're celebrating the Zinken's triumphant return in November. Let the music play!
The Urbanears Zinken headphones are now available worldwide on Urbanears.com for $99.

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