Uprise In Asian American Hate Crimes Nationwide And What You Can Do To Help

A spark of racial injustice has been lit, in Chinatowns across big cities and isn’t simmering anytime soon.


Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, an unfortunate series of racial injustice and strong feelings of Asian xenophobia–has ascended tremendously. In question of how this hate arose, some put the blame on past political leaders, while some point fingers to hate speech being posted on social media. 

Data collected by NBC Asian America, tells us only three Asian hate crimes occured in 2019, while 2020 totaled up around 28. Officials this year say no hate crimes in NYC have been reported, and to use the word ‘hate crime’ lightly. Naturally, this enraged Asian Americans nationwide, for it’s hard not to raise an eyebrow at the fact these attacks aren’t those struck with xenophobia. 

The only way to put a lid on this simmering bowl of hate that has struck our nation, is for all Americans to be aware of the issue at hand. Ways you can get involved and spread awareness is by reporting incidents to stop AAPI hate, as well as posting #StopAsianHate on various social media platforms. Another helpful way to ease the tension of Asian xenophobia is to support your local Asian businesses. 

Just like any issue a nation faces, we must face as one, in unity, in order to silence the hate. Racism and injustice can’t be fixed overnight or with a snap of your fingers–we must start with small steps. Do what you can for your fellow Americans and speak your mind when needed. Create a safe space in your community to ensure our nation can feel like home to all your brothers and sisters, regardless of their heritage.

Ways to help & get involved. 

Sign petitions to hold the media accountable for covering these stories by @asianamericancollective 

Volunteer and use your time wisely! Every action counts. Even if you find yourself unable to volunteer, simple acts of kindness go a long way. Put kindness into the universe today! 

If you see a hate crime being committed or something that needs attention directed towards, use your voice! Our brothers and sisters need our help. 


Call your legislators and ask what they are doing to help the Asian community! Use your voice! 

Support local Asian businesses! 

Check in on your AAPI friends/family. Offer to help in any way doable. 

Be active on social media about the rise in Asian hate crimes! 

Read books/do your homework! Research what is happening around you, open your eyes. 

Lastly, don’t be silent on issues affecting those around you. Use your voice. 

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