Upgrade Your Watch Style with a NATO Strap

A budget-friendly way to add variety and style to your watch collection.


As a watch enthusiast, you probably already have a precious collection of watches. However, since most classic timepieces come at a cost that can put a serious dent in your bank account, it’s not always possible to keep adding variety to your valuable watch collection.  

This is where stylish NATO traps come in. Switching the straps of your watch is a budget-friendly way to add variety and style to your watch collection. A stylish watch strap can completely transform your look. Just by changing the straps of your watch, you can turn your old watch into a trendy timepiece. 

Nato watch straps can be traced back to the British military in the 1970s. Though these straps are classic and versatile, styling it with different looks can be tricky. In this article, we discuss what to look for while buying a Nato Strap and how to style it to upgrade your watch game.  

What is a NATO Strap? 

Most NATO straps are made of nylon. These are pass-through straps that are made of one-piece material. NATO straps are made of three parts – the strap itself, keepers, and a metal buckle. Nato straps come in several variations, colors, and textures. These straps may differ in thickness, style, and material.  

While choosing a NATO strap, it's essential to look at the strap thickness, its weaving style, and strap length. The thickness of your NATO strap ensures that your watch is securely strapped on your wrist with minimum risk of breaking and falling. There are different weaving styles, like the herringbone stitch, which resembles the bones of the herring fish and is one of the firmest weaves. The herringbone weave is durable and water-resistant, making it ideal for rough use. Choose a longer strap and it can be worn in the “double-loop” style for flair and extra security.  

While choosing a NATO strap, it’s also essential to note the quality and material of the buckle. A poor-quality buckle can spoil your entire look and can reduce the longevity of your strap considerably. You can buy one at NATO Strap Store

How to Style Your NATO Strap, below we discuss a few ways to style your NATO strap. 

  • Choose a Color That Compliments Your Look 

One of the best things about NATO straps is that they are affordable and come in a variety of colors. This allows you to coordinate your straps with the color of your outfit whenever you want a change from your regular watch strap. NATO straps come in colorful designs, neutral shades, and solid colors, so you’ll be able to find the perfect complement for every outfit. 

If you want to try a colorful strap, pair it with clothes that complement the strap. If you’re using a solid colored strap-like blue or black, you may pair it with a blue shirt or black trousers.  

  • Pair It with Casuals  

NATO straps work well with casual outfits. You may pair them with jeans and a T-shirt or a casual shirt with khakis. Wearing a multi-colored NATO strap with a plain colored outfit may spruce up your entire look.   

  • Pair It with Formals  

When it comes to wearing a NATO Strap with formal outfits, you may choose the elegant, softer leather version instead of the traditional nylon strap. Leather NATO straps work well with classic outfits. You may also wear them for formal occasions, especially when you want to wear your classic timepiece that has a worn-out strap. Replacing your worn-out strap with a smooth, neutral-shaded leather NATO strap can enhance your entire formal look.  

Types of NATO Straps 

Today the market is flooded with a variety of NATO straps ranging from leather and nylon to canvas. Once you’ve got the hang of pairing NATO straps with your outfits, you can invest in a few straps and use them to enhance your look for different occasions. Posh Beauty Blog tells you why you should upgrade to stylish NATO straps.  

Below are some of the common varieties of NATO Straps you may invest in. 

  • Leather Straps: Leather NATO straps are easy to wear and work well with formal outfits. They are slightly more expensive than others and aren’t water-resistant.  

  • Canvas Straps: Canvas NATO straps only come in a single color. However, they fit perfectly with sports watches as they are flexible and durable. They are also water-resistant, but they will need to be dried out after getting wet.  

  • Nylon Straps: These straps come in a variety of colors and patterns. They’re also the cheapest straps. NATO Nylon straps are flexible, durable, and water-resistant.  


NATO Straps are available in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. You may use these straps with your classic timepiece to give it a new look or match them with your outfit to enhance your look.  

NATO straps are available in leather, canvas, and nylon and work well with both formal and casual looks.  


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