Upgrade Your Simple Staples with Sweatpants

Style up your trackpants with chic fashion pieces.


Have you ever needed to leave the house for an important meeting, family dinner or tiresome day out and can’t bare the thought of taking off your sweats? Trust us, we’ve all been there. But we have the solution for you, high-fashion sweatpants to create the appearance of a high fashion outfit, just without the discomfort of like, actual pants. Who says you can’t wear sweats to the bar? With our top picks, you can take on those daunting tasks you've been putting off without compromising on comfort. But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.

Flared Sweatpants

Channel those retro vibes with these bell bottom sweatpants, upgrading your simple sweats to stylish silhouettes. These pair beautifully with a corset top to accentuate your waist and slim canvas trainers to show off those flared bottoms.



Printed Sweatpants

We can’t quite believe these are sweatpants! Where comfort meets sophistication, these pants are the perfect pair to fool your friends and family into thinking you made an effort. Why not go all out and wear a matching monogrammed bag as well to look even more put together?



Wide Leg Sweatpants

Get the ultimate streetwear look with these baggy, uncuffed sweats. Choose a lighter shade like white or beige for a clean, sleek look, and pair with a tight fitting top to really increase the contrast and make those wide legs stand out.



Cargo Sweatpants

Keep up with the military, model-off-duty trend with these pocketed cargo sweats. Pair them with a simple black tee and layer a boxy aviator jacket on top to create the perfect fit for doing errands or catching up with friends. Plus, you can fill those pockets up with all your essentials, so no need to bring a bag!



Velvet Sweatpants

The 90s are back! The crushed velvet texture on these pants instantly add a touch of luxury to any look, not to mention an insane layer of warmth. Pair with some chunky trainers to really enhance the 90s look, or even some heels for a dressier occasion.



So go ahead, fool the world while enjoying the cozy softness of high-fashion sweatpants. Defy the typical sweatpants' expectations as these styles seamlessly elevate your appearance. Go on, we won’t tell anybody.