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UK Based Artist Florence Given Should Be On Your Radar

UK Based Artist Florence Given Should Be On Your Radar

This Is Her Feminist Quest.


Florence Given is a UK-based, artist, feminist, and social activist who is using her playful illustrations to spark conversation and admiration on Instagram.

Her feminist journey started at the age of fourteen when she decided she didn’t want to wear a bra anymore. Her classmates, (mostly girls), would stare or discuss the fact that you could see the shape of her nipples through her shirt. Confused about their concern, she started researching and discovered that the female body is heavily sexualized - only at the age of fourteen. She has been on a quest to empower women ever since. 


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She started expressing her views creatively at the age of fifteen when she discovered a fashion illustration magazine that she quickly became obsessed with. She started developing her own style while she was in art and fashion school. She only depicts women looking in control instead of passive and submissive objects as we often see women in media. 

Empowering women and feminism is right at the core of her values. She creates illustrations depicting strong, confident, powerful women paired with captions and phrases delivered with a punch.

Next, Florence hopes to create t-shirts with her own illustrations. You can shop her creations here.

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