Trash Talk: Urbanears Boo Tip Review

My experience trying out these eco friendly, sustainable in-ear headphones.


The Boo Tip earbuds from Urbanears are a game changer. Firstly because I struggle to find any in-ears that actually fit my insanely small ear canals and secondly because they’re helping to save tonnes of plastic from either being incinerated or going into landfill. What a way to help the planet, with your favorite songs blaring!

The frequency response of 20hz to 20khz (which is the same range the human ear can detect) means that you get a full bodied sound and you don’t miss out on any richness within the mix! 30hrs playtime also means you can continue to listen for days without charging (I’ve only charged mine once within the month of having them!). 

And of course being splash resistant means you can listen whist washing your car or chilling in the bath (if you’re brave enough). 

To grab yourself a pair, head over to the Urbanears site. Helping reduce plastic waste, investing in a company that cares about the environment and bagging yourself a long-lasting-music-blasting product fit for daily use. What more could you want?!