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Urbanears Launch Their Pink Collection With Arvida Byström

Urbanears Launch Their Pink Collection With Arvida Byström

An unconventional take on femininity.


Since 2009, Swedish lifestyle brand, Urbanears, have been creating headphones as fashion accessories. Known for their minimalism and functional design, they have released their latest collaboration with renowned Swedish artist, photographer and influencer, Arvida Byström.

The idea behind the collaboration is simple; offering the artists a blank canvas to express everyday life with the help of technology.

Urbanears have combined their elements of simple design and innovative features with Byström’s unique eye to emphasize feminine empowerment by creating a range of revolutionized headphones, in the “Listen to Yourself” launch as part of The Pink Collection.

Urbanears follow the mantra that trendy technology that reflects self-expression can strengthen creativity and combine music, fashion and technology to create unique brand experiences.

The inspiration behind “Listen to Yourself” came from Byström, who uses teenage aesthetics as a stylistic device to explore the difficulties of adulthood. She explores “girlish” things to be pretty concepts and deconstructs so called taboo territories, like the rule of female body hair.

The launch, which includes the second Plattan 2 Bluetooth ($99), and the freshly arrived Jakan Bluetooth earbuds ($79), have been designed in pink color palettes traditionally seen as “girly” in an ironic stance to make fun of rigid gender policies and steer attention towards these topics.

The Pink Collection takes influence from pop culture and acts as a stage for curious souls, who want to express their unique personalities. Arvida was keen to incorporate the color so heavily into the design because social codes have bogged down the color pink as if it is a biological aspect to femininity.

Arvida says, "Listen to yourself" means to yourself take care of yourself and make sure that you have the passions and things, good for you, too."

"Pink is a color that's hugely important for my art. I like the fact that it’s perceived as soft and feminine because it makes you stand out. I have always been of the color obsessed with pink. I have my entire artistic practice dipped in pink. Either people love or hate them" says Arvida.

To shop the collection visit Urbanears.com


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