10 Cool Track Pants For Sporty Christmas Rundeers

Slav squat in front of that Xmas tree, Vladidas.


The only thing Kim Kardashian ever really broke wasn't the internet but a pair of Adibreaks. It's only been one year since eBay exploded with desperate Berlin club kids wanting to cop the coolest track pants – shout out to the gal who even had a pair of Adibreaks stolen from her once by some scumbag in her own building after the DHL guy dropped the delivery outside the door. It be ya own bitches. Anyways, back then it was pretty much only fanatics and ravers who sported the slav look but today the pretty basics such as Gigi Hadid are killing it in track pants too.  

All aboard the track train. Here are the ten coolest track pants to shop right now. Better late than never!


Champion Reverse Weave SSENSE Exclusive Black Tapered Logo Track Pants

First of all, if you wanna dress to impress the average street style photographer, these trackies will give you a 99 percent chance of being shot in the street! Second of all, we're not entirely sure we agree with that shoe styling... 

Shop them here for $43 ($55).


Logo Track Pants by Reebok

Yaaass Reebok! Serving us authentic vintage aesthetics since "X VETEMENTS"! A brand that's currently undergoing their own reinvention – get them before your gym class fashion rival.

Shop them here for $75.


adidas Originals Adibreak Popper Track Pants In Maroon

And for this piece, we just want to thank adidas Originals for reproducing the actual original Adibreak design with the iconic oversized logo on the lower leg – no more hording vintage items with a dubious patina that shady b*tches snatch from you while you aren't home. Bitter? Yep.

Shop them here for $70.


Perks & Mini Track Pant


If you haven't already heard of Perks & Mini, it's a fashion brand to be reckoned with. Over the last couple of years, the Aussie brand has put its name on the streetwear map with fashion-forward shapes and prints inspired by the coolest urban kids we all wanna copy. 

Shop them here for $223 ($365).


Puma Exclusive To ASOS Track Pant In Black And Lime Green

Well these track pants just leave us speechless because they really speak for themselves, don't they? They're baggy, they're black and lime green, and the PUMA logo looks awesome. Just.. buy them! Okay?

Shop them here for $67.


Prada Grey Nylon Track Pants

Space alert! PRADA prepares you for take-off in these super-directional track pants. Sometimes the most desirable things look like a garbage can in the street (we still love Jared Leto after Tyler destroys him in Fight Club, for example). 

Shop them here for $780.


Daisy Street Wide Leg Track Pants With Neon Sports Stripe

You're the boss, apple sauce! Some cute trackies for the next pride near you – maybe in Australia? Congratulations on legalising gay marriage ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️

Shop them here for $38.


VETEMENTS X Reebok Track Pants

Yeah these pants just... look... super dope. Idk just buy them. Yeah.

Shop them here for $790.


Topshop Tapered Jersey Track Pants

We are GREEN with envy over these pants! If you aren't the biggest slav on the block and wanna go for a little more of a sophisticated look, maybe these track pants with a zipper are more you? 

Shop them here for $58.


Wheir Bobson White Denim Side Line Track Pants

And last but not least: A new brand to mark their territory is Wheir Bobson! These pants rock both in fit and their weaved ribbon – a safe buy if you wanna get some street cred. Fizzy Mag approves!

Shop them here for $170 ($270).


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Top and preview image via Pia Kristine Cruz

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