Toys for Two: Sex Toy Options for Couples

Spice things up in the bedroom.


Most couples experience a need to spice things up in the bedroom at least once. For many, this means not only foreplay, but also trying out new sex toys like the sucking silicone vibrators. While many toys are used for masturbation, there are just as many for two. Here’s a short, but detailed guide on enjoying toys together.

Before we do that, a word of warning. Sex toys today come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, tastes, and colors. This might come as a shock to you, especially if it’s been a while since you bought a toy (or if you never have). These playthings have an extensive and rich history and are now a firm part of the digital age thanks to technological advances. They can include virtual reality, incorporate smartphones, and much more.

Without further ado, here’s how to get started with modern toys and enjoy them with your partner.

The Basics

Always approach couples’ toys in stages. It’s important to choose products both you and your partner want to try and feel comfortable with. It’s understandable if you’re experiencing some anxiety. On a related note, check out our article on the most common sex toy myths.

Don’t pull out all stops right at the start – it’s always best to begin with the basics. Talk to your partner about what would excite you, what you want to try, and about anything that’s frankly out of the question. Vibrators are a good place to start. There are many different ones for couples as well as different ways to use them. Vibrators for couples deliver stimulation to the clitoris, the head of the penis, the shaft, and the scrotum, keeping both people happy.

Keeping things simple at the beginning is important because one of the partners (or both) might be intimidated by something more complicated and involved. The simplest type of vibrator - the bullet vibrator - can be a good place to start for couples, putting them on the path to more and greater excitement as they get comfortable experimenting.

To stimulate your and your partner’s erogenous zones and make foreplay more exciting, check out butt plugs or massage oil. With new ideas and technology, toys are becoming more and more high tech, including apps and wireless connections to improve stimulation and pleasure. Keeping things simple at first is helpful for the additional reason that more complicated toys don’t always come with comprehensible (or any) instructions. Trying to figure out what the different knobs do or what goes where can kill the excitement pretty quickly.

The Best Toys Beyond Vibrators

Vibrating penis rings usually come with extras that enhance the man’s sensations while stimulating the woman’s clitoris. Pegging is becoming more and more popular. This is where the woman penetrates the man with a strap-on. Prostate and anal stimulation is intensely pleasurable, which is something gay men have always known, but straight men are just starting to discover. An alternative to a strap-on dildo are double sided ones, which both heterosexual and homosexual couples can use.

Electric Play

This shouldn’t sound scary. Sex toys that come with electric stimulation are high-tech, reliable, and safe. They are a great alternative for people who don’t want to involve their genitals in new acts and unfamiliar types of play. They are a fantastic option for those who want to experiment. They can bring a whole new layer of sensations, which you’ll certainly enjoy. Far from delivering electric shocks to your partner, the idea of these toys is to provide a warm, tingling, pleasant sensation. They are glided over the body, like you might do with a feather or ice cube.

If this sounds interesting, you can check out wands or TENS units, with the latter ensuring deeper penetration of the muscles and skin. They also help treat nerve pain. If you want the stimulation to be more intense, some of these devices come with attachments to increase the sensations from the electric current.

Remote Controlled Toys

Some of these toys are a bit more involved. For example, there are remote-controlled toys for clitoral stimulation. They are similar to a magnet, fixed to the inside of a pair of panties, which the woman puts on. Her partner has the remote and chooses a setting, from low to high and everything in between. This induces a current to stimulate her. Keep in mind that the higher settings cause the toy to buzz somewhat loudly, so it’s probably not a good option to use it in public.

There are many such products. You need to check how effective they are – can the partner with the remote stay at home while the other partner is outside and use it like that, for example, or will it only work if you’re in the same house or building?

The Best Materials for sex Toys

The materials the toys are made of are just as important as the type. Porous materials like jelly will trap bacteria even if you clean them. To avoid hygiene issues, you will need to put a condom on the toy or simply choose another material, like glass, metal, or silicone.

Apply best practices to stay healthy and extend the life of your toys. Experts recommend scrubbing them with warm water and antibacterial soap, then leaving them to dry out in the air. This will prevent mildew from building up. As long as your silicone toys don’t contain batteries or electronic elements, they can be left in the dishwasher.

Have Fun!

Choosing the toy itself is half the fun, so step out to your local sex shop together, especially if you’re too shy to go alone. To get an idea of which toy is right for you, you’ll find shopping in person has many advantages. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. On websites, it’s not always easy to tell sizes, how powerful the vibrations will be or, obviously, how the dildo will feel. Still, if you can’t get past the embarrassment, shopping online is just as good. This is something you’ll love doing with your partner. You might even make a habit of it.