Top 10 Best Cocktails You Can Have in a Casino

Switch up your alcoholic beverages.


In old-school casino movies, it’s almost impossible for high rollers or spies undercover on a mission to sit at a poker or roulette table without a cocktail in hand. Since cinematic portrayal, it’s become more and more common to see this sight in real casinos.

In the US, in Canada, we can see players with cocktails flowing as it gets the vibe going, elevates happiness all-around and also affords players some liquid courage. 

If you’re new to gambling or would like to switch up your alcoholic beverages, we have some great suggestions for you. From tangy to sweet and ones that can get you a bit tipsy in just one glass, there are so many new formulas and recipes to try.

Gambling in Canada

Unlike in some countries, the gambling age in Canada is a little closer to the legal drinking age, depending on the province. Sports gambling is growing in popularity around the world and in Canada as well, which is why it is so important to understand what drives athletes to perform better. 

Right when you step into your first online casino in Canada, you can also order your first cocktail and make a game plan for the tables and slots with a drink in hand.

10 Best Alcoholic Cocktails to Order in a Casino

Let’s get started on our top 10 list. Don’t worry about not liking the taste of the drink after you order it, because many of these formulas can be attempted using kitchen gadgets and ingredients you have at home!

1. Dry Martini 

A martini shaken not stirred is a very popular line and drink a certain famous international spy enjoys. You can now jump on the bandwagon with a dry martini. You can order it easily in a casino and it consists of dry vermouth and gin. You can find olives to top it off, a lemon, and you can even find some places that offer stuffed olives to spice up the taste. Pair the martini with in-person or online baccarat real money games to really get the James Bond experience.

2. Gin and Tonic

One of our favorites, the gin and tonic is a low-calorie and very mild tasting drink. But of course, it is also highly customizable and can contain alcohol to varying degrees. The best kitchen gadgets to attempt a good gin and tonic include a high ball glass, a stirrer such as a fork, and not much else. 

3. Long Island Iced Tea

It’s not just iced tea, ask our expert, Michelle Thomas, who knows not only about casino games but the drinks that go with them as well. You can view her experience and learn more from her.

A Long Island Iced Tea can be made without much alcohol or it can really pack a punch - it all depends on your preference. You can then choose to place the liquid in a high ball glass or a martini glass from your kitchen collection - depending on how fancy you feel.

4. Pina Colada

If you’re ordering your first cocktail, a Pina Colada is an excellent choice. They even have a prominent role in a few famous retro songs! It’s a very delightful and refreshing drink with coconut milk and pineapples that balance the sweet and milky. 

The casino may even choose to add a small umbrella or decorate it with cherries on top to give you a tropical vibe. 

5. Mojito

This is another favorite of ours and is extremely refreshing. What’s great about a mojito is it’s also customizable with different flavors. Try the strawberry one next time if it’s available on the menu. Otherwise, the original recipe is great. 

There is a hint of sweetness with the right amount of tart from limes mixed with mint that is very inviting. 

6. Cosmopolitan

When we think of Cosmopolitans or Cosmos, we think of Sex and the City, a very famous series in which the main character has seen her share of casinos and parties as well. It’s a great choice in casinos where there may be an outdoor patio area because it just tops off a summer evening perfectly by quenching your thirst. 

7. Margarita

If you like tequila, a margarita is an excellent cocktail choice. However, if you don’t like that type of alcohol, the margarita can be a bit overwhelming. It can be made to be very strong, so beware if you can’t take a lot of alcohol quite yet.

It may look unassuming, usually with sugar decorating the rim of the glass, but we promise it can give you a good kick if that’s what you’re looking for. 

8. Screwdriver

We’re going to take it down a notch after some strong drinks with a screwdriver. This yummy cocktail is essentially just vodka and orange juice. Again, you can ask the casino to customize the amount of alcohol so you can enjoy a sweeter beverage.

On the other hand, you can also ask them to load on the vodka if you like the taste. Sometimes you need some liquid courage to place those larger bets.

9. Bloody Mary

The name may sound eerie as if it belongs to a haunted drink, but a bloody mary doesn’t contain any blood - so don’t worry. There is something about the tomato juice and alcohol blend with a stick of celery that can either cure your hangover or lead to an even bigger one the next day. 

It may seem counterintuitive to have more alcohol to make alleviate your hangover, but the salt and vegetable myriad have been said to help cure nausea. Give it a try next time you’re in a casino here in Canada. 

10. Beer 

Yes, beer is not a cocktail, but it can certainly be an ingredient in one, which makes it a shandy. Basically, a shandy is a just lemony and fruity-tasting beer, which is excellent to cool off during hot summers.

Shandies have upped their game and have come out with more flavors than just lemon if you’re in the mood for something sweeter.


These are all delicious go-to cocktail recipes, but there is nothing wrong with good old-fashioned champagne to celebrate your wins. Just remember to stay hydrated with water!