Top 7 Bag Trends That Will Rule 2022: A Forecast

Classic totes and timeless clutches.


There are so many bag styles that emerge and become fashion trends every season, every year. From classic totes and timeless clutches to modern hand-carry bags, you can expect the selection to expand more in the coming years.

As the end of 2021 fast approaches, the fashion industry looks forward to 2022, and the new era of designer bag trends it ushers.

Would it be filled with ageless styles or more contemporary designs?

One way to predict what styles will rule in the year to come is to consider the common factor among some of the biggest names in the industry.

So, before you buy that pre-owned Fendi bag you’ve been eyeing for a while now, take into account the future of designer bags with these top seven trends that are expected to push through in 2022:


1. Clutch Bags

At some point in a lady’s life, she is bound to attend a formal affair or any occasion that requires a bit of dressing up. That reason alone is enough for her to have at least one clutch bag tucked away in her closet.

Nothing speaks of effortless elegance better than having the freedom to need just a tiny purse to hold your essentials for an event that could last several hours. But more than that, these bags stand out so much that they can bring an outfit together, or tear it apart.

On a few occasions, they can be all that’s needed to turn a plain and boring outfit into a sophisticated ensemble.

Take the Pouch bag from Bottega Veneta, for example. Deemed as the current favorite of fashion insiders, this bag, born from the creativity of Daniel Lee, is also one of his most desirable pieces.

The Pouch is an oversized white pouch made in Italy. It is crafted from smooth calf leather using intricate folds that create its rounded and roomy build, bringing versatility and style. Besides formal wear, you can also pair it with a leather jacket for a play of textures.


2. Chained Bags

Chains have become a favorite embellishment in many designer bags ever since they were introduced in 2019. For spring of 2021, it sustained its shine (both literally and figuratively) in the form of extra-large links used as shoe tops, jewelry pieces, and bag straps.

With so many variations of this trend that evolved from classic links to leather-wove-in-metal straps, it won’t be surprising to see more new styles involving chains in 2022.

Of course, these metallic embellishments don’t just come with regular-sized bags. They also make excellent straps for your micro bags – with a more appropriately sized chain, of course.


3. Tote Bags

Totes will still be a trendy choice for your ensembles in 2022, and here’s why.

Tote bags go beyond luxury and aesthetics – they are also practical. In fact, if anyone ever told you they have no need for a tote, you can be 100 percent sure that they’re mistaken because everyone needs a good tote.

From a trip to the beach, a busy day at work, or even a visit to the grocery store, totes have become an essential part of everyone’s accessories collection. Sure, some people don’t want to lug around an oversized bag every day, but the fact remains that it has become a necessity – and all necessities have a way of staying trendy.

For 2022, matte leather totes with minimal décor are expected to stay fashionable throughout the year. This is far from surprising, as simplicity serves as a core principle of fashion.


4. Handmade Bags

Did you ever think your grandmother’s crocheted bags would be worth a second look? Well, fashion designers believe granny’s onto something.

Luxury brands are bringing woven and other handmade bags into the spotlight, showcasing them more as custom masterpieces. Fashion gurus and insiders love these bags because of the uniqueness and sense of individuality each design offers.

With their strong textures and knitted materials, handmade bags make for a perfect accessory for autumn and winter in 2021. And who knows? They might take off more in the coming year, particularly those boho-chic macrame-style bags that work well with both winter and summer outfits.

Take the Bottega Veneta Crocheted Cotton-Blend Shoulder Bag, for instance. As a hand-crocheted piece made of thick cotton-blend yarn with gold chain straps, this bag is truly a masterpiece.

And then, there’s the Nell Bag from Bembien. With nostalgia and effortless French style inspiring the design, it is the perfect bag to bring as you rekindle your love for traveling in 2022.


5. Crossbody Bags

While shoulder bags and handbags are anticipated to take the world by storm come 2022, crossbody bags will still become one of the crowd favorites in the new year. In fact, it will offer a wonderful twist to the iconic classics.

From large totes to compact belt bags, 2022 trends for designer bags will grant you the fashion right to carry any bag over your shoulder.

Plus, crossbody bags come in a wider variety of prints, shapes, and sizes, each offering an extraordinary twist to previous designs.


6. Micro Bags

Bags seem to be becoming smaller and cuter, so much so that micro bags are quickly becoming trendy as 2022 approaches.

While not quite as roomy as the others on this list, micro bags remain the logical next step for anyone who wants to upgrade to high fashion. And the perfect example of this is the Le Petit Chiquito from Jacquemus.

First seen on Instagram, the fashion world went wild for this tiny and super-adorable bag that sold out completely shortly after being featured in the brand’s AW19 presentation. Ultimately, it became a status symbol for the elite, worn as an accessory like any necklace or body chain.


7. Classic and Iconic Bags

Timeless, ageless, enduring – these are only a few words that describe the icons of the designer bag industry.

Between the Classic Flap and 2.55 from Chanel and Birkin and Kelly from Hermes, having classics in your closet will prove to be a valuable investment.

Of course, you don’t need to spend too much on them as pre-owned Hermes bags, Chanel favorites, and other luxury bags can be bought for a reasonable price.

The Takeaway

Fashion trends come and go – and then, they come again. Consider this forecast when shopping for your next designer bag and watch as fashion trends unfold in 2022.