5 Tips To Start A Career As A Musician The Right Way

They’ll help with your musical career much more than you’d expect.


A career as a musician can be an appealing one for multiple reasons. Not only will you get to do something you enjoy, but you can make a decent living out of it and even travel the world. You’ll have to know how to start a career as a musician the right way to achieve this.

Countless people try this every year, with many not seeing any kind of success. By following a few tips, however, you don’t have to fail. Five top ones stand out with this, as they’ll help with your musical career much more than you’d expect.

If you want to take your career seriously, it’s worth diving into what these are.

How To Start A Career As A Musician The Right Way: 5 Top Tips

1. Invest In Yourself

Nobody starts a career as a professional with nothing. They’ll need to have certain skills, as well as more than a few pieces of equipment. If you want to be a guitarist, for example, you’ll need more than just the guitar and some amps. You could need a looper pedal and much more to help with live gigs and recordings.

The same can be said no matter which type of musician you want to be. Drummers, singers, and all other musicians need some equipment to perform their music. Take the time to invest in yourself so you have all of these. They’ll help with your performances more than you’d think.

2. Network

While most people believe starting a career as a musician is as simple as making some great music, that’s far from the case. You’ll also need to network to start getting the word out about your music. As much as that focuses on listeners, you’ll also need to consider industry professionals.

These are public relations managers, agents, and other professionals that could open up other opportunities for you. While this might seem like a pain, it helps advance your career more than you’d think. You’ll find people to work with and who’ll help you develop your career.

Make sure to network to achieve this.

3. Know How Copyright Works

When you create a song, it’s something you can definitively say is yours. That doesn’t mean it’ll be enough to stop people from trying to steal it and re-record it without your permission, however. You’ll need to take steps to protect your intellectual property, which means spending time getting publishing rights to your music.

You should make sure you know the ins-and-outs of copyright law when you’re doing this. While nobody can re-record your song wholesale, for example, they could be allowed to make derivative works of it. Know where the lines are to make sure you aren’t ripped off or stolen from.

4. Make Captivating Videos

People are inherently drawn to visuals. No matter how good your songs are, they can always benefit from a video. People will pay more attention to your songs because of that, helping your career blossom. You should make sure you put time and effort into this.

You wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on this, but you’ll need to make sure everything’s as high-quality as possible. Even a video made on a shoestring budget can be more captivating to audiences than you’d think.

Partnering with video artists and videographers can be a great way to make things more affordable.

5. Set Specific Goals

You’ll need to be focused with any career, and a musical one is no different. That doesn’t mean staying focused comes easily. To make it relatively straightforward, it’s worth setting goals. Your long-term goal could be to become famous and travel the world showcasing your music.

As appealing as that is, you’ll also need to have short-term goals to keep you focused. These can range from recording a song by a specific date to playing a certain number of gigs per month. These help give you the motivation you might need to get going and actually do what you need to do.

Make sure these play into your long-term goals.

How To Start A Career As A Musician The Right Way: Wrapping Up

With the amount of competition you’ll have, you’ll need to know how to start a career as a musician the right way to stand out. It makes sure you’re able to stand out and actually make a living at it.

Making captivating music videos, investing in yourself, knowing how copyright works, and similar tips are all effective with this. They make sure you’re able to kickstart your career and actually make a living at it.