5 Tips to Save Money on Designer Brands

Prices that won't leave a hole in your bank.


Gone are the days of the rich affording clothing from the likes of Gucci. However, high-end fashion can still be expensive. So try these tips to save money on designer brands.

Shop Online and Shop Around

More than 80% of people now shop online. This has made eCommerce sites an excellent source of high-end fashion. A typical clothing outlet that knows what they're doing will offer designer brands at affordable prices. They often have a lot of competition and can often work closely with suppliers. However, not all online clothing stores provide desirable brands at low cost. So you need to shop around for the best deals. Sites like The Dom are a perfect example. They offer designs by sought-after designers at prices that won't leave a hole in your bank.

Gather Coupons when Shopping Online

From clothing and tech to toys and fast food, countless sites offer vouchers to use across various other sites on the internet. These are excellent because they are often pretty generous, and you rarely see something matching the offers in physical stores. For example, it isn't uncommon to see vouchers for 50% or more off of a Domino's order. Or deals such as 2 for 1. And clothing is no different. Sites such as RetailMeNot, Honey and Rakuten offer ways to make considerable savings on everything from clothing to housewares. 

Buy Pre-Owned to Save Money on Designer Brands

There was once a certain stigma attached to going into thrift or charity stores. However, you can often find designer clothing for rock bottom prices in such places. And with the cost of living going up all the time, there are some benefits to wandering inside and taking a look:

  • The prices are almost always ridiculously low, yet the clothing is in remarkable condition.
  • Your money goes to good causes and helps various charities such as the Red Cross.
  • Used clothing helps keep more out of landfill and helps with sustainability issues.

Stores selling used clothes are a great way to save and help others. And you can get really lucky since some celebrities are known to donate extremely expensive designer clothes to charity shops. One UK store once received over £50,000 worth of items from a mystery donor.

Try Online Bidding Apps

One of the first successful eCommerce strategies was online bidding. Sites like eBay are an excellent way to bag a bargain, especially for designer clothing. Often, sellers source their wares from bulk buy wholesalers and can pass on their savings to the customer. So it's not uncommon to see brands like Tommy Hilfiger or Versace on eBay for up to 50% less RRP than in a high street store. Additionally, there's a treasure trove of pre-worn items at severely low prices. For example, a pair of Versace shoes in quality condition once sold on eBay for $1! 

Time Your Shopping for Sales

Of course, you can save money on your favourite fashion labels by doing it the old-fashioned way and getting out to the sales. Sales are a great way to bag a bargain as physical stores rush to get rid of the stock they haven't sold from the previous season. Most offer designer brands with up to half off the original price. But you need to keep your ear to the ground since they often sell out very quickly or are over before you get to hear about them. Good advice is to follow designer stores and influencers on social media, watch TV, and sign up for newsletters.


There are many valuable ways to save money on designer brands. Shopping online can get you some bargains. While charity shops can be a great source, keep an eye out for sales.