Tips On How to Choose a Perfect Franco Chain

One of the best and most popular chain styles.


Choosing jewelry to treat yourself or someone you care about, you always aim for the best you can get. Beautiful and shiny, durable and robust, practical and easy to care for, a bit more, but for a reasonable price. You can find all that in a chain necklace. Extremely widespread jewelry that can satisfy the needs of people with various preferences. A chain has become a must-have accessory that can complete every look and elevate it to a new level. Nowadays, there is an immense diversity of chain styles, and each is ready to become the unique, appealing accessory improving your look, so there won't be a lack of options to pick from. But we remember that we're going for the best, right?

That's why we are going to talk about Franco chains here. This type of necklace is undeniably one of the best and most popular chain styles. The design was created by an Italian jeweler called Franco. He aimed to upgrade the curb chain, making it stronger and preventing entanglement. He succeeded and presented the new practical and exquisite chain style that gained his name. 

Along with those features, the chain has also acquired the distinguishable appearance for which it is known and loved. The pattern of the Franco chain is made of chevron links – the four-sided V-shaped links put tightly together. The way they are connected provides the Franco chain with two different designs within one necklace. When visible, one side of the chain displays the notorious V-shaped ornament, while the second side shows a pattern that reminds of the Cuban link chain style. As the Cuban chain is also part of the curb chain family, it may be considered a relative to the Franco necklace. Not many necklaces can change their pattern by the will of their owner with a simple twist of the chain. Thus it'll be deserved to call the Franco chain unique. 

But there's more to the Franco chain's design, as it has several variations. The most common after the classic type is the rounded Franco style. While the classic Franco chain is about the sharp angles and straight lines depicting the perfection of strict geometry, the round type of the chain presents somewhat milder angles and a streamlined elegant shape. The Franco style belongs to strong and durable chain necklaces. Its construction and connection of the links provide the chain with an intricate look and extreme reliability. The amount of links and the way they are entwined prevents the chain from breaking apart even if one of the links is damaged or broken. Furthermore, the close setting of its links prevents the Franco chain from entanglement as well while allowing the necklace to remain flexible. This results in a frequent choice of Franco chain to be a reliable support for quite a weighty pendant or medallion.

Originally the Franco link chain was created as a necklace for men, but is there a woman that can stay indifferent toward such a masterpiece? Men Franco chain has become one of the most popular jewelry as it reveals masculine passion, strength, sensuality, and romantic nature. On the other hand, women choose the necklace for its elegance, sophisticated charm, and hypnotizing geometry destined to spice up any look. Thus, it has become everyone's favorite! 

However, we still want our Franco chain to be perfect, so let's deepen into the details you need to consider while choosing. First, select the metal you want your Franco chain to be made of. The standard options are gold, sterling silver, and platinum. The Franco necklace, made of sterling silver, costs less than the other two variants. Sterling silver is known to be an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals, preferably copper. The jewelry made of it is marked as 925, Sterling, Ster., or STG. It provides the Franco chain with silvery gray color and charming delicacy. 

Platinum is also a silvery metal, but due to the frequent use of a rhodium finish, it usually gets lighter color and extreme luster. Platinum jewelry is typically expensive, as the metal is much rare than silver or gold. The alloy used for the platinum Franco chain consists of 90-95% of platinum and other metals, more often iridium, ruthenium, or cobalt. The most common marks are Platinum, Plat., and Plat.950, Pt., or Pt.950. It provides unbelievable shine to your Franco chain and can become a good investment.

Gold is the most popular choice for the Franco chain. The range of options here is excellent however, the purity of gold may vary considerably as the percentage of gold in the alloy differs a lot. It is marked in karats or 3-digit numbers and is the following: 10K or 416 contains 41.67% of gold; 12K or 500 with 50% of gold; 14K or 585 has 58.33%; 18K or 750 – 75%; 22K or 917 – 91.67% and 24K or 999 – 99.99%. Surely enough, the percentage of gold in the Franco chain affects its price. It's unlikely you'll be able to tell how much gold is there in the jewelry by the glance alone, so make sure to check the mark on the chain. Probably, you'll find it on the clasp if there is none; however, consider buying a chain from a more reliable seller. 

Purity is not the only thing you'll have to select when dealing with the gold Franco chain. Things with color are more interesting than choosing silver or platinum chains. The yellow gold has become classic for the Franco chain, but you may also pay attention to the white and rose gold variants. The white gold Franco chain resembles those made of platinum and silver and looks refined and stylish, but the rose Franco necklace provides the image with a breath of fresh air and a touch of sophistication.

While selecting the perfect Franco chain, you also need to consider the length and width of the necklace. The proper chain size can visually alter your face and body shape. For example, people with round face conditions should try wearing the Franco chain of medium length and width or the prolonged variants, which will help make their face visually thinner and longer. Be careful with thick chokers, as they will only emphasize the roundness. A thin long Franco chain or one of medium length completed by a pendant will match the square shape of the face. People with triangular face should consider completing their looks with a V-shaped necklace, but they'd better avoid thick chokers. On the contrary, the shape of a reversed triangle should be matched with short and thick rounded Franco necklaces. People with oval face types possess the freedom of choice, as every length and width of a Franco chain will look good on them. 

Similar effects can change or visually highlight the body's shape. Remember that contrast is not the best option here. Thin people wearing massive bulky jewelry will look ridiculous. Thus they should better pick some delicate items. Light and short chains might be inconspicuous on curvy ladies and big guys, but those of mid or maxi length will look harmoniously on them and can make the body visually slenderer. Short or mid-length Franco chains can emphasize the beauty of a long delicate neck. 

The Franco chain is easy to style with different clothes and jewelry. It can be worn with casual outfits, elegant evening gowns, or business clothes. Franco chains can be easily mixed with other jewelry, matching them in style, metal, massiveness, and color. This necklace can enhance the image's appeal without stealing the spotlight from the wearer, as should any perfect piece of jewelry. Good luck on with finding your perfect Franco chain!