7 Tips for Properly Setting Off Legal Fireworks at Your Event

Nothing ruins an event quite like a nasty accident.


 Whether you’re showing off new fashions to your industry constituents or entertaining your family, setting off legal fireworks can add a whole new level of show and excitement to the event. However, accidents involving fireworks occur all the time.

It’s not enough to light the fuse and duck for cover. You must know how to properly and safely set off fireworks to reduce the associated risks. Besides, nothing ruins an event quite like a nasty accident involving fireworks. Here is how to properly set off fireworks at your event.

1. Create a Clear Space Outside

It should go without saying that you should only light fireworks outside. Mark off a designated space for the fireworks, and make sure it’s a clear space with nothing flammable within it. You don’t want to set fireworks off under trees or amidst dry grass. Ideally, find or create an area that’s flat, hard, and dry.

Your guests won’t mind moving to another location to see the fireworks, so don’t think you have to keep things too close to the main event. You can do this if you have a suitable area there. If you don’t, venture out beforehand to find the right place to set off the fireworks.

2. Keep Water Close at Hand

You should keep a bucket or two of water close. If you can choose an area that’s reachable by water hose, even better. Fireworks can start fires in surprising ways. An errant spark, while typically harmless, can still occasionally set a piece of clothing or someone’s hair on fire.

The fireworks themselves may continue to burn even after they’re done. Having very easy access to water is a safety measure you shouldn’t overlook under any circumstances.

3. Know the Fuse Location and Proper Orientation

Legal fireworks come in all shapes and sizes. The fuses for the fireworks can jut out from the top, bottom, side, or at an angle, depending on the type of firework. You should know the location of the fuse.

Equally, you need to know how to orientate the firework. In addition, do not ever shorten the fuse or do anything to try making the process faster.

A huge mistake is to light the fuse, realize the firework is sideways, then try to correct it before the fuse burns. That’s dangerous and can lead to accidents for you, your guests, or even structures in the area.

If the firework comes with directions, follow them to the letter. You can buy fireworks from many places. You can cut the search if you buy fireworks online from a reputable seller.

4. Keep Your Distance

When lighting the fuse, the further away you are, the better. A long lighter, torch, or firework punk will serve you well for this purpose. Make sure you’re not leaning over the fireworks.

Don’t hold the firework to light it. Always keep in mind that even the mildest firework is still an explosive. After you light the fuse, move away from the firework.

Don’t just retreat a foot or two back, you need to remove yourself from the firework by a respectful distance. If you’re setting off an aerial firework, move back even further.

5. Don’t Overdo It

You should not try to set off tons of fireworks all at the same time. It may seem like this will make for a great show, and it can, if done professionally. However, if it’s just you and possibly a handful of others, it’s best to only light one firework at a time.

If you want multiple fireworks, purchase a type that operates that way from a single package. Otherwise, you can designate others to set off fireworks at the same time. If everybody does the process safely, you can have quite the show without trying to set off several fireworks in succession all on your own.

6. Have an Emergency Plan

No one expects an accident. That’s why they’re accidents. However, firework accidents happen and they happen frequently. Firework accidents can occur for many reasons, which is why safety is key. If an emergency occurs, you need to have a plan ready for you, your guests, and anyone who might suffer an injury.

If someone suffers an eye injury, they should not rub their eyes or try to do anything to it. Call 911 and seek medical advice. If someone suffers a burn, run cool water over the burn, then seek medical attention. In all cases, don’t delay in calling emergency services.

7. Dispose of Fireworks Properly

After a firework does its thing, douse it in water before tossing it, preferably, in a metal trashcan or bin. If a firework doesn’t go off, don’t try to relight it or handle it. Give it a minute, then douse it with water. Discard it as you would other spent fireworks.

If you do it right, you can set those legal fireworks off at your event safely and to the delight of your guests. You don’t and probably shouldn’t do it alone. If in doubt, you can always hire a professional.